The Barefoot Walk would not be possible without the support from all our dedicated volunteers! Register and be the change today!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of an event that brings the whole community together while inspiring youth? Do you want to help the lives of thousands around the world? Well then The Barefoot Walk is for you! This truly incredible event is filled with motivational and keynote speakers, games, live music, entertainment, booths and of course the walk. Whether you’re in need of getting your mandatory 40 hours or dedicated to non-profit organizations, there is a volunteer position for you! Some of these roles vary from registration, merchandise, and information booths to crowd pumping, lunch operator, and stage crew.

Volunteer positions are very limited and in high demand. Sign-up today!

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Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.
How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We ask you be 16 years old in order to volunteer at The Barefoot Walk! However, we do have some roles that could be filled by a younger individual!

Can I volunteer backstage?

No, we want to keep backstage as clear as possible for all the performers. It’s a very small space so not many people are able to help out. However, we do offer backstage tours for the top fundraisers from each school! For more information, ask your teacher or email honouredguests@thebarefootwalk.com to learn more information about how you can earn an exclusive backstage tour at The Barefoot Walk.

What types of volunteer roles are available?

Volunteer roles are available in many different areas of The Barefoot Walk including: running activity booths, handing out lunch, working at the merchandise table, being a crowd pumper, helping organize students arriving at the event and many more! Just let us know the area you’re interested and we’ll try our best to put you were you are best fit!

Can I change teams once I’ve registered?

Unfortunately due to the troubles of reorganizing teams, we ask that once you accept a role you stay committed! Don’t worry – every team is awesome in its own way!

Can I be a volunteer if I can’t be there the entire day?

No. Due to the nature of our event, you must commit to a full day of volunteering (7:00am – 4:00pm).

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring out as many friends and get them involved in helping to run the event. If you’d like to be placed with them for the majority of the day we suggest selecting the same responses and letting your volunteer coordinator know! The more the merrier!

Will I receive training as a volunteer and when will training take place?

All Barefoot Walk volunteers receive a night of training before the walk. Generally it will be a few days or weeks before the event, and will take place either at Victoria Park or South Collegiate Institute. The night should be no more than a few hours long and will brief you on the responsibilities of your job and what the day will look like. You will also be able to ask ANY questions you have to one of our many wonderful Barefoot Walk leaders.

Can I volunteer if I can’t attend the training?

Generally we ask that our volunteers clear their schedule for the very important Barefoot Walk training night. We will give you plenty of advance notice so you can work to accommodate your schedule. However, under extenuating circumstances we may be able to work around the training night and meet with you privately to discuss your roles and responsibilities.

What should I bring to training and event day?

Training day:  Bring a pen and paper to take notes of important tasks and times you’ll be required to remember.

Event day: A water bottle, your Barefoot Walk t-shirt, your volunteer lanyard, and your shining attitude!

What should I wear during training and on event day?

Training day: No required attire.

Event Day: Your Barefoot Walk t-shirt, comfortable shoes, your volunteer lanyard, clothing you can move around in, black/dark bottoms.

Will meals be provided?

Yes! Breakfast and lunch will be provided for volunteers the day of the event, but we do suggest eating before coming if you tend to eat a lot!

What time should I arrive on event day?

It’s an early start! We all meet at Victoria Park by the band shell between 6:45 and 7:00am on the day of the event. There is a ton to set up, and by having all the volunteers attend it cuts set up time by a significant amount. You must be there on time!

Will there be a place for me to store my things? Will they be safe?

Of course! There will be a volunteer space at the event where all your items can be stored. It will be supervised by one of our volunteers all day, although we recommend keeping your items to a minimum and leaving valuables at home. Victoria Park is a public place and we wouldn’t want any of your things to be lost or stolen.



Will I receive a reference letter for number of hours volunteered?

Yes. At the end of the school year our volunteer coordinator will produce and email all reference letters needed to submit volunteer hours.

What will my day look like on event day?

Depends what team you register for! Typically your day will start with registration, a light breakfast and a quick pep rally to get you hyped up for the day! You will then help begin set-up and start your assigned tasks. You will have a break throughout the day. More details will be provided once you are confirmed for a specific team!

Still not sure about something?

Send us a message and our team would be happy to help!

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