Ukrainian miners refused to leave the mine due to wage arrears

Ukrainian miners refused to leave the mine due to wage arrears

The wage arrears exceed 2 billion hryvnia.

In the Lviv region, workers at the Chervongradskaya mine refused to leave the mine, demanding payment of wages. Employees of the state-owned enterprise “Lvovugol” protest against late payments. It is reported that the first team remained underground.

The striking miners did not receive three monthly wages.

The head of the Independent Union of Ukrainian Miners Mykhailo Volynets announced the strike of Ukrainian miners.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, state-owned enterprises owe miners 2.3 billion hryvnia.

According to Volynets, by January 1, 2022, the debt will exceed 2.3 billion hryvnia. Some do not receive a salary for 6 to 7 years.

Experts have already called the non-payment of the wages of Ukrainian minors as a “crime” committed by the state.

There is now a theft from the pockets of workers, theft of social contributions, of taxes, said Anton Leppik, secretary of the International Confederation of Trade Unions.

“It is only incomprehensible that some cases of theft are punishable. , and the theft of wages, for whatever reason, does not lead to a criminal sanction, ”& # 8211; the expert was indignant.

According to Topnews, in the Listvyazhnaya mine, where 51 people died, two other miners remained underground. The rest of the bodies were lifted. The daughter of one of the miners received her phone and found out that her father was living after the explosion and was helping his colleagues. His body was found near the exit.


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