Tinkov pleaded guilty in US court

Tinkov pleaded guilty in US court

The businessman also pleaded guilty to one of the charges against him.

Russian banker and businessman Oleg Tinkov has pleaded guilty in a US court to a tax evasion charge brought against him under a deal with the US Department of Justice.

Following the court hearing, he agreed to pay $ 506 million in restitution.

The trial took place online. Tinkov participated via a video link from London.

It should be noted that the above amount is not a penalty fine, but the verdict will be officially delivered on October 29.

According to the investigation, Tinkov provided false information about his assets after he renounced his US citizenship in 2013.

A criminal case has been opened in the States- United, in which he risked 6 years in prison.

However, during the trial, the parties came to an out-of-court settlement and the amount of compensation consists of US tax losses ($ 240 million), taking into account interest and fines ($ 448 million), as well as additional tax debts.

In terms of imprisonment, the parties agreed that he had already served a one-year sentence in London, when he was imposed movement restrictions, with supervision for one year and a fine of $ 250,000.

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