The Russian government has banned the purchase of pasta and sugar in Ukraine

Government The Russian Federation has banned the purchase of pasta and sugar in Ukraine

In addition, the authorities have restricted the import of timber – crates, crates and packing cages .

The Russian government has added to the list of goods whose importation into the country from Ukraine has been banned since December 2018.

According to a document published on the portal of & # 39; Legal notice dated June 28, it added sugar, pasta, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, products for sauces, flavoring additives and seasonings, prepared soups and broths, and 39; mineral and carbonated water, ice cream, muesli with cereals, etc.

In addition, barley, palm oil and derivatives weighing 20 tonnes or less, canned meat, seafood, animal feed, meal.

Restrictions apply. apply to the import of timber with a thickness greater than 6mm, including crates, boxes and other packaging, up to pallets.

Recall that the list, the full version of which appeared in December 2019, became the Russian response to the sanctions imposed by Ukraine on a number of Russians and legal entities of the Federation of Russia in 2018.

Topnews reported that the supply of sugar to Russian stores has been cut off.


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