The Central Bank announced the inevitability of a new crisis

The Central Bank announced the & # 39; inevitability of a new crisis

The deputy head of the Central Bank explained the reason for the restrictive monetary policy.

Central Bank Vice President Alexei Zabotkin has said that a new economic crisis in Russia is inevitable.

As stated by TASS, in a speech delivered at the conference & # 8220; Capital Renaissance & # 8221; the analyst said that the regulator at the same time has all the necessary tools to support the economy and the people of the country.

According to him, the anti-crisis measures taken by the Russian authorities are & # 8220; timely & # 8221 ;.

At the same time, the expert clarified that after the crisis is over, they will have to get rid of it in order to restore the normal course of development of the disease. Russian economy.

The measurements themselves will remain in the form of a & # 8220; arsenal & # 8221; which we will take advantage of later. The analyst has no doubt that the crisis will come.

& # 8220; She will inevitably come & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; Zabotkin said.

He believes that the current rate of the Bank of Russia is appropriate under a restrictive monetary policy (MCP), which is why the next tightening of this The latter will have little effect on the regulator's decisions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that at the onset of the pandemic, the Central Bank gradually introduced a & # 8220; relief & # 8221; for the country's financial organizations.

In addition, a policy of support for citizens and businesses that have suffered from the coronavirus crisis has been pursued.

But a year later, in March 2021, the Central Bank estimated that credit organizations would cover any losses. After that, the concessions were canceled.

Later, the Central Bank decided to renew the recommendations to banks on restructuring loans to Russians and small and medium-sized enterprises.


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