Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

See how your company can benefit from supporting The Barefoot Walk!

NOTE: All levels of sponsorship will receive their company or individual name on sponsorship signage at the walk. Any sponsorship level of Media Title and Gold or above must be confirmed by March 21st, 2014 in order to receive all benefits of the sponsorship.*Milestone Signs will be located throughout the course of the walk. Each sign will have the Barefoot Walk Logo, a quote or statistic about global poverty and the name/logo of the sponsor. Only one media sponsor can claim “Title Media Partner”, any other media will be considered a Media Partner of The Barefoot Walk. Media Partners must register prior to the event to gain backstage access and online recognition. Each level of sponsorship is eligible for a tax receipt. Title: $4000, Platinum: $2000, Gold: $750, Silver: $400, Tent: $200, Bronze: $80, Basic: $40, Chair: $1.90/chair. Full donation amount receipts can only be issued if no benefits are received (As per Income Tax Act).

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