El Salvador was the first in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador the first in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender

The government intends to legalize the income of the population using cryptocurrency.

The Legislative Assembly of the Central American Republic of El Salvador has decided to recognize bitcoin as an official payment method.

On its Twitter account, the assembly clarified that the historic decision had been taken by 62 votes for & # 8221 ;, 19th & # 8220; against & # 8221; and two abstentions.

The project was presented by the President of Salvador Nayyib Bukele. According to him, the move will help involve the population in legal economic relations, of which only 30% now keep funds in bank accounts.

According to the new law, bitcoin will have to be accepted when paying for goods or services, and the country's government will bear all risk of cryptocurrency instability. related to the instability of the cryptocurrency exchange rate should be covered by the government.

For this purpose, a trust fund of 150 million dollars will be created.

By law, the seller of the goods, using the trust funds, will be able to receive money for the goods sold immediately and in dollars, and he will accept payment for the buyer's services in bitcoin.

Local media report that in the near future, members of the country's government will meet with IMF officials and discuss new plans.

El Salvador's recognition of Bitcoin as legal tender has affected the value of the cryptocurrency: When trading in the past 24 hours, bitcoin has risen by 13%, topping the $ 37,500.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in one year Bitcoin's value for the first time in history reached $ 50,000.

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Israel is the first in the world to ban the sale of fur

Israel was the first the world to ban the sale of fur

Animal rights activists have backed the” landmark decision “.

Israel's Environment Ministry chief Gila Gamliel signed a landmark document. The decree of the head of the department informs about the ban on the sale of products made of natural fur.

Thus, Israel has become the first country in the world where the trade in fur products is officially banned.

The decree will come into effect in December of this year, reports the Jerusalem Post.

According to the document, a ban is imposed on the sale and purchase of natural fur used for the production of clothing.

The exception will be the use of fur for scientific, educational and religious purposes.

According to Gamliel, behind the production of fur products lies the “cruelty and suffering” of animals that are dying because of it to the tune of hundreds of millions around the world. She assessed the production of fur as ” immoral and unnecessary. “

In support of the ministry's decision, animal rights activists from Animals Now have spoken out. They viewed the country's authorities' decision as a “Milestone” capable of saving animals from “the hell of the fur industry.” The authors point out that 86% of Israelis supported the decision.

In turn , the PETA Group account called the ban a “historic victory.”

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We know that the trade of the Fur is banned in the state of California (United States) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Earlier, Topnews reported that in Moscow, customs officials shut down the registered fur trade for criminals. .

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The regions of Russia with the highest income inequalities are named

The regions of Russia is named with the greatest income inequality

In two of them, there was an almost tenfold difference between receipts during the month.

Analysts from the international audit and advisory network FinExpertiza conducted a study to determine in which Russian regions there is greater inequality between the incomes of different groups of the population.

As reported by & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; with reference to the study results, the greatest inequality, 10.2 times, was recorded in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Here, the gap between what the better-off and the poor of the population receive was 215,900 per month on average compared to 21,200 rubles

A lower rung in this rating was assigned by analysts at the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. . They estimated the difference at 9.4 times, respectively 201,000 against 21,300 rubles.

The Russian capital was in third place, with a gap of 8.7 times and the monthly income of wealthy residents of 177,300 rubles against 20,300 & # 8211; among the poor.

Chukotka (8.5 times), Sakhalin (8.3), Adygea (8.2), St. Petersburg (8.1), Krasnodar Territory (8), the Sverdlovsk region and Yakutia (7.9 each). Experts estimated the average monthly income of Russians at 35,700.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Ramzan Kadyrov has become the richest leader in the region. The media estimated his annual income at 380 million rubles, which exceeds the income of all the other heads of regions combined.

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“Madness”: Deripaska appreciated the strengthening of the ruble by the Central Bank

& ldquo; Madness & rdquo; : Deripaska appreciated the strengthening of the ruble by the Central Bank

The billionaire described the prospect of a decision to raise the key rate.

Russian billionaire businessman Oleg Deripaska shared on social media his thoughts on what the Central Bank's move to raise the key rate to 5.5% could lead to.

He explained that such a move would further strengthen the ruble rate exchange.

According to the entrepreneur, the position of stock market speculation lobbyists on the basis of the difference in interest rates between different world powers has proven to be much stronger than the interests of ordinary Russians.

He described the process of raising the key rate as & # 8220; madness & # 8221 ;.

Remember that growth at 5.5% became known on June 11. The Central Bank announced that it was raising the rate for the second time by an additional 0.5%.

The regulator said the reason was inflation, which topped 6% in a year, adding that this happened for the first time. in five years.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Deripaska told SPIEF how long the current leader of the Russian Federation would remain in power.

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Tax authorities will start checking Russians' bank cards from July 1

Tax officials will start checking Russians' bank cards from July 1

It will be necessary to prove that the funds received are not income.

In Russia, on July 1 will begin the implementation of the People – New Oil project, in which the tax service will check the bank cards of Russians.

From July 1, the tax control of the receipt of funds on the cards will begin.

According to political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov, in an interview with Rosbalt, according to the amendments to the Tax Code, all banks will provide the tax authorities with data on the movement of money in the accounts and cards of citizens.

At the request of the law, the tax service can request from banking institutions in Russia, statements on all monetary transactions of natural and legal persons, certificates of accounts, deposits, certificates of electronic money transactions .

Banks have three days to do this after the request of the Federal Tax Service.

Citizens will have to explain where the financial resources came from.

Thus, if the tax authorities are unable to source income from financial resources, they will consider the profit, which should be taxed. If a person does not prove that the funds received are not income, then they will have to pay a 20% fine, as well as a penalty.

Experts are convinced that in this way the Russians will be able to get used to the tax liability. The same is happening in the United States, where large purchases are monitored and compared to the incomes of citizens.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Sberbank spoke of a citizen Russian who gave 400 million rubles from his accounts to crooks.

The abusers arrived at her home and managed to convince her that the money was worth “saving”.

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Media: Crooks from Russia and China stole US $ 400 billion in profits

 Media: Fraudsters from Russia and China stole US $ 400 billion in profits

Personal data is misled or threatened by citizens.

The US authorities are faced with a problem that “passed” from the previous administration. This was confirmed by a source in the administration of US President Joe Biden.

According to him, fraud with state payments for unemployment is widespread in America.

The publication Axios reported the amount & # 8211; $ 400 billion is exactly the size of any allowances paid that could be in the hands of scammers.

That's half of all unemployment benefits authorities started paying during the pandemic in 2020.

It turned out that scammers often used stolen US data. According to RBC, personal data was often confiscated from citizens through threats or deception.

They were asked for benefits, and later money (often in the form of cryptocurrency) was transferred abroad.

Experts say up to 70% of funds received have been withdrawn from the United States. The money could have fallen into the hands of crooks from Nigeria, China, Russia, etc.

“These groups are definitely supported by the state”, & # 8211; according to analysts.

Another third of the money ended up in the pockets of American street gangs.

The White House is aware of the fraud, but earlier it was decided to start delivering benefits without finding fault with the documents … But the fact that the money went to the foreigner made the problem a matter of national security.

How exactly the US authorities will solve it is not reported.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Russians have been made aware of the new form of fraud. Now the attackers claim to be a call for law enforcement. And even the phone number looks realistic.

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The 2015 Barefoot Walk will feature a completely redesigned and restructured 2 hour sit down show from 10:30am-12:30pm. The show will aim to educate, entertain, inspire, and raise awareness for the millions of people worldwide whose basic needs are not being met. Students will have the opportunity to hear from a number of inspirational speakers, exceptional Canadian youth leaders, slam poets, performers and musicians, The Barefoot Walk’s original founders, a fun and engaging host, and more! The stage show will supplement the redesigned interactive educational booths in working to empower youth to make a positive impact in their local and global community.

After the show, participants will have the opportunity to remove their shoes and will be led in a walk around Victoria Park. This part of the day is always especially moving. Participants are given a story of a young person around the world that their walk is dedicated to. Along the path, the participants will read about their story and have a chance to reflect on the experience. The group is left with hope at the end of the walk and continues to lunch knowing that by attending they have taken a step towards making a difference. Lunch, provided by our sponsors, is then eaten in the park before having one last chance to visit the Interactive Educational Booths.

The remainder of the package will highlight these details further, however below is a list of important information that will help you and your administration become confident that this event will be a life-changing event for all!

  • Everything is in place to make this as simple as possible for you and your administration. We provide you with donation forms, T-Shirts (if desired), a personal support staff, and in-school presentations free of charge, and much more!
  • Over 50 elementary and high schools attended since the Walk began
  • Police and Event Security will be present at the park
  • A completely redesigned Risk Management Plan is in place to respond to First Aid and Emergency Situations
  • Pathways are cleaned multiple times before the walk and multiple safety checks are performed on the path to secure absolute safety for participants!
  • An Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) is developed in the case of a dangerous weather situation or other emergency situation. This plan will be available to educators prior to The Barefoot Walk for reference
  • 20+ organizers and 50+ trained volunteers will be present at the park to assist you in any way

You can request an information package that includes resources for your school, with the hope that you will be interested in joining us and providing your students with our educational and inspiring experience. Our team is hard at work year round to make this day a life changing experience for all involved and we sincerely hope that you and your students will attend. From now until the walk, we will make it our priority to satisfy you in any way possible in order to achieve your support. The success of our walk depends on our participants and their educators. Please direct any questions, concerns, or comments to your respective Community and School Manager. Full contact information can be found at the end of this package. We thank you for your time and consideration and hope to see you on May 8th!

As a first time participant in “The Barefoot Walk,” I was overwhelmed (as an educator) watching my students absorb the phenominal events of the day. This incredibly touching event, truly allowed my students to live the “Me to We,” motto out loud and carry the message back to our school community. I am proud to say this walk has inspired our intermediate Bishop Townshend Ti-Cats to make our “one tribe, one pride,” stronger, in hopes of building a better tomorrow for everyone.Tammy Rees, Bishop Townshend

The Barefoot Walk allowed my students to choose where their fundraising efforts were going. This increased their commitment to the event and empowered our class to raise more money than what was raised by the school as a whole for other traditional fundraising events.Megan Morris, Byron Southwood

Individual Participants

Individuals can get involved in The Barefoot Walk by registering on our website, gathering donations and coming out on the day of the walk. The pledge form is available online so that anyone can collect pledges and participate in the walk. The walk is for everyone to participate in, including: students, parents and community members. Even if your school is not coming to the event, you can still gather a group of friends, collect donations together and be a part of the day.  We ask that all participants collect donations from family and friends. We have a list of fundraising tips and ideas that may be used to help you collect your pledges. Our sponsors make it possible for the event to be free to all participants so that 100% of all donations collected will be donated to both local and global causes.  On the day of the walk, participants will walk barefoot around the park, to raise awareness of the millions of children worldwide whose basic needs are not being met. Also included in the day are motivational speakers, interactive educational booths, lunch and entertainment.

The 2016 Barefoot Walk

May 13th 2016, the London Youth Social Justice Committee are bringing you THE 9TH ANNUAL BAREFOOT WALK!

The Barefoot Walk was created based on a question; they say to understand someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes, but what if they don’t have any? This year, over 2000 students are expected to participate and help stomp out poverty. Participants will raise money and walk around Victoria Park barefoot in support of local and international charities.

The 2016 Barefoot Walk will feature a 1-hour show from 10:30am-11:30am, which will aim to entertain, inspire, and raise awareness for the millions of people worldwide whose basic needs are not being met. Our main objective is to empower youth to make a positive impact in their local and global community, and provide them with the resources to become involved citizens.

On the morning of May 13th, registration will begin at 9:00 am, and on stage performances at 10:00 am. Participants are required to raise a minimum donation of $10 for a Barefoot Walk Cause of their choice. Additionally, a $4 registration fee per school participant (not including Educators!) will be required. Lunch will be provided for all registered participants with a signed donation form. All students who raise over $100 will receive a free Barefoot Walk t-shirt!

Registration for individuals as well as groups can be done on this website. Further information regarding volunteering, media, fundraising and sponsors can be found in the above menu.

The Barefoot Walk hopes to see you May 13th, 2016 as this year is bigger than ever and we all know; one moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world!


  • Friday, May 13th, 2016
  • Registration: 9:00am-10:00am
  • Walk: 12:00 pm


  • Victoria Park – 509 Clarence St – London, ON


  • Motivational Speakers, Performing Artists and local talent!
  • A Barefoot Walk around Victoria Park, pizza lunch and much more!


  • To raise awareness about the 2.8 billion people who live on less than $2 a day.
  • To learn that there is something that can be done to make a difference.
  • To raise money for various local and global charitable organizations.


  • Come and walk with us at Victoria Park on Friday, May 13th!
  • Collect donations from friends and family or make a donation towards someone else walking.
  • Educate yourself and others about social justice issues around the world.
  • Become a corporate sponsor! Email: [email protected]

Free The Children

s quoted from their website:

“An international charity and educational partner, Free The Children believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. We work to empower youth to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens.

Our domestic and international programming work together to achieve this.

In Canada, the US, and the UK, the organization provides comprehensive programs for service learning and active citizenship.

  • We educate, engage and empower youth in North America, the UK and around the world with the tools, knowledge, confidence and support network to be ambassadors for change and lead meaningful action.

In Africa, Asia and Latin America, the organization provides a comprehensive child-focused development approach inspired by the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”.

  • We work together with communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to establish a comprehensive, child-focused development approach that gives all community members the education, skills and opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty—forever.”