Putin's ultimatum forced the EU to back down

The ultimatum of Putin forced the EU back down

Restrictions on Russian gas prices will not be introduced.

InoSMI has taken note of the reaction of the European Union to the warning of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President has warned that he will suspend gas supplies if a decision is made to cap gas prices.

As Tom Rees writes for The Telegraph, after Putin's warning, the EU decided not to impose a cap on gas prices.

The expert found that at a meeting of the European Union, the ministers asked the European Commission to create a plan to alleviate the crisis in the energy markets.


Observer confirms Europe is in acute crisis due to soaring energy prices and shortages.

“Ministers in Brussels are urgently trying to prepare for a harsh winter,” & #8211;said in the material.

The EU ministerial meeting was held on Friday, September 9. Chiefs of ministries discussed additional measures to reduce tensions in the world.

Among the options of the obligation of consumers to reduce their electricity consumption during peak hours, to introduce limits on the income of companies that produce electricity at low costs and to receive excess profits due to high prices.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin recalled that the West is not in a position to dictate terms to Moscow and impose price limits on Russian energy resources.

“Cold, frost, wolf's tail. The West is not in a position to dictate terms to Russia, that & rsquo; #39;she comes to her senses, – advised Vladimir Putin.

Putin also promised not to close himself off to Europe and said that Russia would not impose visa restrictions

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary issued an ultimatum to EU countries and demanded the lifting of sanctions against feel it Russian buyers. In response, Budapest promised to stop stopping anti-Russian restrictions.

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The media reported the impending EU surrender to Russia

Media reported impending surrender from EU before Russia

Turkish edition draws unexpected conclusion from anti-Russian sanctions.

Country – EU members may soon capitulate to Russia. The reason for this will be gas supply problems, according to media analysts.

The authors of the Turkish edition of Sabah believe that at present , the EU cannot find a valid solution to Europe's gas supply problems. This leads to the conclusion: “if you can't find a solution, then you give up.”

Journalists believe that such a defeat in the sanctions war will mean the overthrow of the hitherto dominant Western system.

At the same time, Europe cannot rely on Europe. Help from the United States, as the results of the US Congressional elections are not yet summed up. The election of its members will only take place in November.

If the Republican Party wins, US aid to the EU could dry up. In this case, European authorities will be left face to face in the fuel of chaos, the outlet writes.

It is specified that even if the conservatives win, Washington is unable to satisfy the needs of European countries.

At the same time, Sabah notes that the Russian economy has resisted sanctions from Europe, which has proven to be in greater need of gas that Moscow only needs EU money.

If the Russian Federation is able to find new fuel buyers, then the EU has struggling to find new full-fledged suppliers.


The authors believe that the EU will not be able to find a solution either in the long or short term .

As Topnews wrote earlier, part of the EU relies on energy aid from Norway, which has become a leader in supply in gas to replace Russia. But in Oslo they are in no hurry to lower prices, preferring to take advantage of existing market prices.

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UK plans to euthanize aquarium animals due to electricity bills

In the UK they want to euthanize aquarium animals because of electricity bills

Electricity bills have tripled.

Europe is struggling to cope with the gas crisis that has erupted due to worsening relations with Russia.

As a result, utility bills Electricity is increasing in countries and people are urged to save energy and not heat their homes.

Extreme measures can be taken by the owners of the Sealife zoo-oceanarium in the UK. Philip Miller told ITV electricity bills had risen from £240,000 to £750,000.

Miller said he could no longer afford the costs. Many animals will need a special temperature in winter – artificially lowered or increased 24 hours a day.

“Because of this the animals will either have to be euthanized or find them another home, only all other zoos are in the same situation he explained Miller.

Closing the zoo just won't work, admits Miller.

Meanwhile, the French government is urging the Compagnie Nationale des Chemins de Fer to try to reduce the number of trains running this winter – all to save electricity.

In Germany, opposition leader Friedrich Merz, in an interview with Bild, warned of a blackout in the winter in the country – when the three remaining nuclear power plants have been shut down.

He noted the existence of “the threat of a complete overload of the electricity network in autumn and winter and an insufficient supply of electricity.

Recall that Germany is the largest importer of Russian blue fuel.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary has set conditions for countries of the EU and demanded the lifting of sanctions against a number of Russian corporate recipients, including Alisher Usmanov. Hungary will block the sanctions package against Russia.

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Media: Ministry of Finance proposes to authorize the “privatization” of retirement savings

Media: The Ministry of Finance has offered to #39;allow &ldquo 'privatize' pension savings

There has been talk of frozen savings since 2014.

The Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed to “privatize& #8221; pension savings of Russian citizens. We are talking about currently frozen funds, from 2014.

At the time they write “Vedomosti”, referring to the presentation of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, which was previously presented by the heads of departments, it is proposed to give Russians who have retirement savings, investment rights.

Thus, they will be able to invest these funds as they wish , subject to certain criteria.


According to Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma committee on financial markets, the withdrawal of funds is not planned during the process investment.

He explained that the Ministry of Finance wants to create a system in which Russians will be able to choose between several options: either leave their savings under the management of a fund, such as a PFR or an NPF, or invest it independently, under certain conditions.

Recall that now the citizens of the Fed eration of Russia can transfer savings under the OPS system only from one non-state fund to another, further operations with these funds are not available to them.

More earlier, Topnews wrote that then the expert revealed a legal scheme for the purchase of additional seniority for the purpose of a pension. She reminded that by law you can “buy in addition” 50% of the experience – 7.5 years.

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Named the country that overtook Russia in Europe's gas supply

The country that overtook Russia in Europe's gas supply has been named

Western media believe that Russia's competitor is in no hurry to rush using EU.

Western media claim that in the coming winter, Europe could rely on gas from Norway, which has managed to overtake Russia in terms of the amount of fuel supplied to EU countries.

However, according to Telegram, Oslo does not intend to sell fuel at low prices or offer a discount to countries from non-EU EU members.

In 2022, Norway plans to produce 122 billion cubic meters of gas by the end of the year year.

According to Economy Minister Terje Aasland, in a conversation with Reuters, the country will maintain the same level of production until 2030, relying, among other things, on an agreement with the ;EU on expanding cooperation on the ground.

At the same time, Norwegian exports are not threatened by an increase in demand in the domestic market, that is i.e. to. domestically, Norway depends on electricity from hydroelectric plants.

Security agreements and a deal with the EU, along with large reserves of nearly unclaimed gas, make Norway a very reliable supplier, analysts say.

The country still supplies Europe with almost all of its gas (the western part of the continent) and 70% of its oil. 5 pipelines with an annual capacity of 130 billion cubic meters work there.

Oslo's reluctance to sell gas below market value, which is breaking records this year, is an obstacle.

According to the Minister of Energy, it is necessary to remember a simple principle of the market: the rise in prices in the event of a shortage stimulates the growth of production and guarantees the delivery of gas to where it is needed.

Earlier Topnews wrote that the author of the video in which “Gazprom” makes fun of fuel-poor Europe.

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The Swiss, whose house will be warmer than +19°C in winter, risk prison

Swiss whose house is warmer than +19°C in winter are threatened with imprisonment

The maximum temperature in the houses of Swiss residents in winter must not exceed 19 degrees.

Swiss authorities have introduced administrative responsibility for heating homes above certain temperatures.

The acceptable temperature in homes next winter should not exceed 19 degrees, the water heating by gas boilers & # 8211; no more than 60.

Otherwise, as explained by Markus Sperndli, a representative of the DEF Department of Economics, those responsible will be subject to fines or, in the cases of deliberate actions, criminal sanctions – a prison term of up to three years.

According to the official, such actions would be considered violations of the country's procurement law. In this case, citizens will be persecuted by default.

The reason for the Blick publication, which refers to the document of the Ministry of Economy, is the energy crisis that the country is going through due to the anti-Russian sanctions and the resulting lack of fuel.

In addition to residential buildings, they will also save on hot air tents and heaters.

Saunas and swimming pools will not work, but only if you need to save even more on the fuel.

The authorities made an exception for hospitals, maternities and retirement homes.

The amount of the fine will be up to 180 daily rates , one is about 30 Swiss francs, but the total amount should not exceed 3,000 Swiss francs. The amount, according to Sperndli, is determined by the circumstances and the number of bets for a fine & # 8211; degree of guilt.

Previously, a crisis measures plan had been put in place in Switzerland.

For example, switching off illuminated windows, heating, introducing energy quotas. electricity, gas savings and a probably consider turning off the light for 4-8 hours a day.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Switzerland refused to accept servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for treatment.

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Bloomberg: Russia expects deep recession for 10 years

Bloomberg: Russia expects a deep recession for 10 years

The publication named the most disappointing scenarios for the Russian government.

Russia could slide into an economic recession as a result of EU and US sanctions due to the threat to industries it has relied on for years for income , say Western experts.

According to Bloomberg authors, citing an internal report of the government of the Russian Federation, of the three scenarios in the document, two show that the economic recession will increase in 2023 in the Russian Federation.

Analysts say that the& #39; economy fall, and it will not be able to return to the level before the start of the NWO for ten years or more later.

First, “inertia” the scenario foresees an 8.3% fall in the economy below the 2021 level already in 2023.

Second, “stressful”; suggests that in 2024 the decline will reach 11.9% compared to 2023. All this will take place against the backdrop of increasing sanctions pressure.

The Russian government assumes that restrictive measures will be introduced by more countries, and the EU's denial of Russian oil and gas will affect the authorities' economic ability to supply the market.

In addition to sanctions affecting 1/4 of Russian imports and exports , “technical blockade”, which affects all types of transport, including the automotive industry and the supply of equipment and parts.

The third difficulty is the shortage of professional personnel, mainly IT specialists, who can leave the Russian Federation for an amount equal to 200 thousand. The document confirms the so-called. “brain drain”.

However, Bloomberg also points out that the measures have led to a crisis not only of the Russian Federation, but also of the initiators of the sanctions.

The data is given as an example by the German Bundesbank, which predicted autumnal inflation in the country in the “double digits”. In Britain, inflation has already reached 10% for the first time in four decades.

The publication's experts say the risk of an economic recession in Europe is reaching its peak. highest level for the first time since November 2020.< /p>

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Russian Federation manages to win in the oil confrontation despite all the sanctions.

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The European Commission and Siemens spoke about the complete shutdown of the Nord Stream

The European Commission and Siemens have spoken of the complete shutdown of Nord Stream

Gazprom's decision provoked a strong reaction in Europe.

Russia's decision to shut down “Nord Stream” considered “cynical” to the European Commission.

Head of the EC press service, Eric Mamer, writes about it on Twitter.

According to him, the decision confirms the “unreliability” “Gazprom” as a supplier, and Russia, according to him, is cynical, because it burns gas instead of fulfilling the contract.

Recall that earlier “Gazprom” announced a forced shutdown of gas pumping through “Nord Stream” due to an oil leak in the gas compressor unit.

In this context, representatives of Siemens Energy announced their willingness to participate in the repair of the turbine.

According to RIA Novosti, the company clarified that now they have not received a contract to carry out repairs on the gas pipeline, but the company is ready to take over maintenance.

In addition, the organization noted that it took note of the statement & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; about problems with the engine. However, the company does not believe that the problems described by the Russian company can be used as a reason to stop “Nord Stream”.

In turn, the American media reports that Berlin is trying not to panic because -for the situation with “Nord Stream”.

At the same time, Germany and a certain many other EU countries are preparing for a cold winter due to lack of fuel.

In the US, the impact of &#8220 ;Gazprom” strong pressure on the German economy. For this reason, the country is preparing to introduce energy consumption standards.

In addition, Berlin is trying to establish gas supplies from Norway and Qatar, although these measures will not help the country much in the near future.

“Economy Minister Robert Habek said that Russian gas will not be completely replaced until at least 2024”, – reports CBS News.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that “Gazprom” stopped “Nord Stream” for an indefinite period.

The reasons for stopping the turbine became known to journalists.

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Daily Mail: In the UK, Putin has been accused of problems with road repairs

Daily Mail: In the UK they blamed Putin for road repair problems

UK road builders can't buy bitumen to seal potholes.

In the UK, truck drivers cannot afford to buy bitumen to repair potholes.

According to the Daily Mail, truck drivers cannot 39;have not enough money to do so.

The culprit is the situation in the UK, they named Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The publication notes that before the start of the NWO, around 60% of the bitumen used to repair roads in the UK came from Russia.

Now authorities must ration consumable materials and source them from other markets, increasing costs and turnaround times.

The road maintenance cost in England and Wales has increased by 22%. %. In addition, the repair time was delayed.

Experts estimated the cost of correcting the situation at 14 billion dollars.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Berlusconi had told a joke about himself, Putin and Biden.


The joke was made on TikTok.

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