Media: Ukraine could delay Nord Stream 2 launch by two months

Media: Ukraine could delay launch of Nord Stream 2

The source felt that it was possible for Naftogaz to join the certification of the gas pipeline. < p> The media, citing sources in Brussels, report that Ukraine is able to delay the certification period and, therefore, the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 3 “. for another two months.

According to TASS, according to an insider of the European institutions in Belgium, the Ukrainian side could have a chance to join & # 8220; Naftogaz of Ukraine & # 8221; certification of the project by the Commission of the European Union.

This is technically feasible, the expert confirmed. However, for this reason, the process can take two months.

An insider said that the commission may seek the advice of states interested in the project in the course of preparing an opinion on the German Side's decision on the certification of the project. Object.

& # 8220; The process may also include & # 8220; Naftogaz of Ukraine & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; he precised.

Recall, as Topnews wrote earlier, the media reported on Russia's conditions to increase gas supplies to Europe, calling the launch of the main gas pipeline.


“Did they find Putin's money? “: Deripaska responds to FBI searches of his homes in the United States

The businessman explained why Trump won the presidency.

A day after house searches in Washington, Oleg Deripaska himself reacted to the situation.

The businessman left a moving message with name calling on his Telegram channel. At the same time, Deripaska accused FBI agents of theft.

Deripaska was outraged that the Americans had told a story about the “colossal role of the Russians” in the 2016 US presidential election.

According to him, Trump, “Certainly not myself” won. In his opinion, the electorate was so tired that he was ready to vote even for an opera character – if only Clinton.

The oligarch noted that Americans were brought up in Hollywood movies about terrible Russians. Meanwhile, US debt stands at $ 30 trillion, by which time China and Taiwan will turn the Pacific Ocean into a “Chinese domestic reservoir”. > The oligarch has said that the Russian Federation represents a unique space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, but so far the “absurd spectacle” continues.

“I would like to ask: how much money was Putin found yesterday in these abandoned houses?”, & # 8211; Deripaska clarified at the end.

The businessman also said that jam and a few bottles of vodka were stolen from his storage.

“PS I'm sick of the not funny bitch …” Deripaska concluded.

Like Topnews has it wrote earlier, Oleg Deripaska's rep said police raided buildings in New York and Washington.

But they weren't owned by the contractor, but to his relatives.


The media named the reason for the searches of the houses associated with Deripaska

media called the reason for the house searches associated with Deripaska

NYT points to US sanctions that the Russian billionaire could have violated.

The New York Times, citing its sources, says that the searches at the home of Russian businessman and billionaire Oleg Deripaska could be caused by violations of US sanctions, which are causing widespread concern. under investigation by the FBI.

Bloomberg, on the other hand, knows that last year European officials tried to convince U.S. officials of Deripaska's violation of the terms of the deal with Washington. According to him, some of the Russian companies have been withdrawn from the sanctions. But officials said the Russian influence over the companies UC Rusal and EN + Group International remained.

Moreover, the billionaire, bypassing the deals, used their resources to support “the # 39; Kremlin political agenda “.

To this, En + and UC Rusal objected that these media have no factual basis.

The New York Times reports that in addition to the FBI, representatives from the Southern District Federal Attorney's Office joined the searches in New York City, but the department declined to comment.

And the State FBI Department only announced the searches, but did not specify their reason.

As Topnews previously wrote, it was learned the day before that the FBI was conducting searches of a Washington-owned mansion. by the entrepreneur.

However, ABC News, citing its sources at the office, said there were no charges against the Russian.

Recall that searches are also carried out in the houses of the relatives of the businessman.

& # 8220; No charges have been laid against Deripaska & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; reports an American television channel.

Later, RIA commented on the events & # 8220; Novosti & # 8221; a representative of Deripaska himself. She clarified that the buildings raided by police in Washington and New York do not belong to a businessman, but to his relatives and are executed on the basis of warrants related to US sanctions.

She also previously stated on the link between sanctions and searches of buildings. Forbes.

As for the Deripaska agreements with the American authorities, they concern the sanctions that were introduced in 2018 against several of its companies.

Then he was able to agree with the US Treasury that with restrictive measures three companies will be lifted, namely from the energy and metallurgical group En +, the aluminum company UC Rusal and the energy company Eurosibenergo.

In response, the contractor relinquished control and Deripaska's share in these was reduced. At the moment, the Russian himself is not allowed to enter the United States.

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Bloomberg: Russia sets conditions for EU to increase gas supplies

Bloomberg: Russia highlights EU conditions for growing gas supplies

A publication insider reported the details of the launch of Nord Stream-2.

Russia ties growth in gas supplies to Europe amid acute blue fuel crisis in the EU with launch of Russian-German gas pipeline & # 8220; Nord Stream -2 & # 8221 ;.

As Bloomberg reports, citing a source at Gazprom and the Kremlin, Moscow intends to “swap” & # 8221; launch of a project to increase gas supplies.

According to insiders, otherwise it is hardly possible to expect an increase in the volume of exported fuel.

If according to & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221; there will be no & # 8220; clear guarantees & # 8221; that the project will receive the green light.

But even in the event of a positive move for Russia, additional volumes will reach Europe, bypassing Ukraine, the newspaper reports. >

Recall that the completion of the construction of Sevpotok-2 became known on September 10.

As the President of the Russian Federation said during Russian Energy Week, there are administrative barriers preventing the project from getting off the ground quickly.

Vladimir Putin explained that an increase in supplies could reduce tensions in the European gas market and affect the rise in prices, but this is possible after the launch of the project.

As Topnews previously wrote, the Czech Republic has named the main culprits for the EU gas crisis.

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We learned how much Buzov, Ivleev, Borodin and other stars earn per month on Instagram

 We know how much Buzov, Ivleev, Borodin and other stars earn per month on Instagram

The average income of famous people is 5-10 million rubles .

Russian company & # 8220; Medialogia & # 8221; announced the amount of earnings in the social networks of the main Russian stars. According to her, the richest celebrities with the highest incomes on Instagram are led by the wife of musician Dzhigan Oksana Samoilova .

According to & # 8220; Medialogia & # 8221; she can receive Instagram stories and posts per month about 10 million rubles.

Other mothers are no less in demand, such as Ida Galich (7 million subscribers), Ksenia Sobchak (8.6 million). TV presenter Ksenia Borodina has more subscribers than Samoilova (14.6) (17.6 million). However, the musician's wife is more actively involved in advertising.

In a conversation with & # 8220; KP & # 8221 ;, marketing expert Vladimir Kryukov shared the secrets to earning stars. He said that the price of an Instagram post can reach 1.5 million rubles, starting from 100,000 for bloggers with 1 million subscribers.

The bigger sums are paid by the big companies for advertising that is not directly related to the life of a star. Growth in value also occurs when using a video format shot specifically for product promotion.

For bigger celebrities, a post can cost a lot more, it all depends on how many actual people are following the star's stories and posts.

& nbsp;

See this Instagram post

& nbsp;

Posted by Samoylova Oxana (@samoylovaoxana)

According to the expert, the social media advertising market is growing, and funds that were supposed to be used to pay for events are being returned to online advertising because of the coronavirus, falling into the pockets of bloggers. The price of posts has fallen slightly recently, notes the expert. But bloggers manage to get the usual amount of its quantity.

& # 8220; It is too early to talk about the final figures for the growth of the blogger market in 2021… According to data for 2020, the total budget of the blogger market on Instagram was 7 billion rubles & # 8221;, & # 8211; Kryukov explained.

If we are talking about real star rates, then in the top ten the most & # 8220; advertising & # 8221; among the celebrities were Olga Buzova (23 million subscribers), Nastya Ivleeva (18 million), Ksenia Borodina, Oksana Samoilova, Vera Brezhneva (12 million), Polina Gagarina (8.5 million), Ksenia Sobchak, Ida Galich.

& nbsp;

See this Instagram post

& nbsp;

Post by Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)

They can place ads on their site even at & # 8220; down & # 8221; price of 300,000 rubles per message, but the reason for such loyalty lies in the discounts for regular advertisers, barter and other reasons.

The average publication price is 600,000 to 800,000 rubles, Kryukov explained, adding that the stars publish about ten such messages per month.

& nbsp;

See this post on Instagram

& nbsp;

Post by Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)

The second level displays different prices. So, Lyaysan Utyasheva, Ekaterina Varnava, Anna Khilkevich, Kristina Asmus, David Manukyan and other artists can receive advertising from 300,000 to half a million rubles per post.

The Tiktokers also receive their funds, which are used to earn not only royalties but also the promotion of music tracks, links and ambassadors.

According to Kryukov, if a blogger has less than 400,000 subscribers, the price of a post is 3,000 – 15,000 rubles. Millionaires, with 1-4 million users, already receive 30,000 & # 8211; 90,000, and those who managed to conquer an audience of 4 & # 8211; 8 million receive 90,000 & # 8211; 300,000 rubles.

The most expensive contracts & # 8211; those who have become celebrities, having managed to appear outside the social network, on television and on YouTube. Their price ranges from half a million to 10 million for the stars.

The leaders are Olga Buzova (7.8 million subscribers), Danya Milokhin (15.2), Dina Saeva (24 million), Carnival of Valya (20.5 million), Yulia Gavrilina (14.4 million), Anya Pokrov (14.1 million ).

As Topnews wrote earlier, it became known where Dzhigan took $ 35 million for a car for his wife, Oksana Samoilova. Recall that he offered her a & # 8220; Rolls-Royce & # 8221;.


Czech Republic named perpetrators of EU gas crisis

The perpetrators of the gas crisis in the & nbsp ; The EU was named in & nbsp; Czech Republic

Europe faces two threats before the onset of winter.

According to Czech journalist Vladimir Piskachek, representatives of the European Commission have become very distant from the people.

The result of this situation was the energy crisis authorized by the EU authorities.

Piskacek said before the onset of winter Europe was at risk of freezing due to lack of fuel and not finding the funds to pay for it.

According to the publicist, this situation did not develop due to the disruption of supplies.

& # 8220; Gas from Russia, apparently, is arriving as agreed, and no terrorist attack has taken place either & # 8221;, & # 8211; he notes.

The reporter points out that the United States is now reorienting itself towards supplying the more expensive Asian market with liquefied gas, and this is playing a big role in the actions of the European Commission.

He pointed out & # 8220; chaotic approach & # 8221; European officials, who disguise themselves as the fight against climate change.

As a result, according to him, Europe will have to face a choice & # 8211; pay for food or heat. At the same time, Piskacek doubts that additional payments to consumers could improve the situation.

He accused officials in Europe of insolvency and stressed the need to build objects & # 8220; green & # 8221; energy.

Remember that in recent months in Europe, gas prices have skyrocketed.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin's words lowered gas prices around the world.

The President of Russia has announced that he is ready to influence the prices of natural gas.


Political scientist: Europe 'shot itself in the foot', making Russia $ 50 billion rich

Political scientist: Europe

According to the expert, the current situation in the European gas market is beneficial for Russia.

According to political analyst Dmitry Abzalov, tying gas prices from Russia to the spot market allows our country to receive 50 billion rubles in two years.

He is convinced that the current situation of gas in the European market is more profitable than ever for Russia.

The political scientist noted that the price of the resource in the contracts of & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221;, as a rule, is tied to the spot changes, so the cost of fuel responds to the spot correction.

By the middle of 2022, as Abzalov expects, Russian & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; will supply blue fuel to Europe at prices close to the current market price & # 8211; more than $ 1000 per thousand cubic meters.

Thus, Russia will receive a whopping $ 50 billion in the budget.

& # 8220; We will get the same high prices next year & # 8230; & # 8220;, & # 8211; he said, noting that the main budget revenue comes from tariffs linked to the price.

There is no doubt that high gas prices in Europe will remain at least until April 2022 due to the shortage of blue fuel, which will intensify.

& # 8220; The demand for gas will increase. The resource will no longer be & # 8221;, & # 8211; the expert has no doubts.

According to him, Europe itself & # 8220; shot himself in the foot & # 8221; due to the fact that she demanded to tie contracts to the spot market and succeeded.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Poland opposes & # 8220; Nord Stream & # 8221 ;.

However, the specialist also noted that Europe shot itself in the foot.


Empty cash registers and queues in supermarkets: Russia faces personnel crisis in commerce

Empty checkouts and queues in supermarkets: Russia faces staff crisis in trade

Trade networks have not adapted to the decrease in the number of migrants.

Russian supermarkets lack workers' representatives.

Experts believe that distribution chains were not ready to reduce the number of migrants, and have not yet adjusted to the situation. Soon Russia could face a personnel crisis.

Meanwhile, the number of vacancies in Russia is increasing – cashiers, store administrators, but no one is ready to work in these specialties.

In just one year, the number of CVs has decreased from 12 to 17%.

Experts explain this situation by the fact that people are not ready to work for low wages. At the same time, the work is hard, experts say in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Russians don't go to supermarkets for the vacancies of loaders, cashiers, salespeople because of the long working day, I'm sure Dmitry Yanin, chairman of the board of administration of the Confederation of Consumer Societies (ConfOP).

In the future, such a situation could lead to a drop in the quality of service.

Cashiers will not suffice, and self-service checkouts will not cope with the load.

To remedy the situation, the expert advises to offer decent wages to local residents. But here the situation will be the other way around – due to costs, food prices will increase.

Retail chains have previously complained about understaffing. In some regions, supermarkets are only 65% ​​staffed.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in the fall of 2021 it became known that in Russia 17.1 thousand people earn salaries above 1 million rubles .

Most of these employees work in banking, the information sphere, insurance companies.

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Bloomberg: Putin decided to save money for a rainy day by increasing the NWF

Bloomberg: Putin has decided to postpone the money for a rainy day by raising the NWF

American journalists are convinced that the Russian president is adhering to the tactic of limiting the growth of the public debt .

The US edition of Bloomberg ran an article claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to put money aside for a & # 8220; rainy day & # 8221 ;.

This situation is developing against against the background of growing revenues from national prosperity through the sale of oil and gas.

The authors of the publication recall that Putin approved spending of 35 billion dollars on infrastructure projects.

At the same time, the government has been ordered to limit additional spending.

Bloomberg experts are convinced that Putin has taken the path of limiting the growth of public debt and quickly restoring reserves, despite the increase in spending due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We can see that the Russian authorities are now setting aside a moderate increase in social security spending, while the forecast for growth in income from the sale of raw materials stood at 40 billion dollars.

Sova Capital economist Artem Zaigrin is confident that Russian authorities will adhere to a pre-coronavirus strategy, and by 2024 the volume of the NWF could reach $ 3.00 billion out of 190.5 billion billion current.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Chinese media recalled Putin's prophetic words about the fate of the United States.

The President of Russia is sure that the number of problems inside the American side will increase.

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