The euro exchange rate at the auction exceeded 90 rubles. Shares of Russian companies have collapsed

The euro exchange rate at the auction exceeded 90 rubles. Shares of Russian companies collapsed

TV presenter Skabeeva urged not to lend pay attention to the growth of the currency.

Against the background of reports on Russia's recognition of the DPR and LPR, the euro exchange rate rose above 90 rubles.

According to the service , at the height of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the exchange rate for the European currency reached 90.28 rubles. Later, the rate increased to 90.03 rubles.

The service indicates that the initial rate of 1 euro = 87.5 rubles.

The rate of the US currency also increased: from 76.72 rubles at the start trading to 79.32 at the end.

As for the index of the Stock Exchange Moscow, it fell by 11.32%, the RTS index – 14.65%, shares of Sberbank – 15%, VK – more than 15%, Magnit – more than 13.5%, Yandex – about 9%, Rusal -12%, Inter RAO & # 8211; 11%, GK PIK – 12.25%, Alrosa – 12%, Ozon – 8.7%, Gazprom – 8%, VTB – 7.8%.

 The euro exchange rate at the auction exceeded 90 rubles. Shares of Russian companies collapsed

Referring to the development of the exchange rates of major currencies, Olga Skabeeva, TV presenter of the All-Russian State Broadcasting and Television Corporation, said that happiness is not in the euro.

< p>An article from the Dvach publication on growth appeared on its euro telegram channel, with the comment: “Long live the Russian world and the Russian people!”

Earlier, Topnews reported that for the first time since 2016 , the euro exchange rate exceeded 91 rubles on September 25, 2020.

Analysts then called the reason for the introduction of new anti-sanctions -Russians because of the situation with the poisoning of politician Alexei Navalny * (included in the list of terrorists and extremists).


Billionaire Vekselberg wins case against a Swiss bank that closed its accounts

Billionaire Vekselberg won his case against the Swiss bank which closed his accounts

The businessman was sanctioned.

The Federal Court of Switzerland has issued a verdict on the lawsuit brought by Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg. The leader of the Renova group of companies challenged the decision of PostFinance, a bank in Switzerland, to close his accounts.

The reason for closing the accounts was that the oligarch was doing subject to US sanctions.

According to RBC, Vekselberg opened several accounts at PostFinance in the fall of 2018. One invoice was in euros, the other in Swiss francs. But by then, the billionaire had already been under US sanctions for several months.

After a while, the bank decided to close the accounts, citing “a mismatch between the bank's strategy and the [customer's] profile.”

In 2019, Vekselberg challenged this decision before a court in Bern. But then he was denied satisfaction of the claim, but the Russian appealed.

A federal court ruled that the bank had no right to close the accounts. PostFinance is now required to manage the accounts of the group founder.

In addition, Viktor Vekselberg received compensation of 9,000 Swiss francs. He will be compensated for the plaintiff's legal costs of 8,000 francs. In total, the amount will be about 18 thousand dollars.

Recall that Viktor Vekselberg was under US sanctions in the spring of 2018. Then America drew up a blacklist of men businessmen and officials “close” to Vladimir Putin, accused of interfering in the US presidential elections.

Sanctions have hit Vekselberg hard – more than $1.5 billion have been been frozen.

< p>Viktor Vekselberg's net worth reaches $9 billion, he ranks 20th in the list of the richest Russian businessmen.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in February 2021, Vekselberg complained that he was not allowed to withdraw money from US accounts at a charity.

He also wanted to make a donation to fight the pandemic.


“Miller 'Bent In' Everyone: Media Reported Losses on Gas Carriers Delivering LNG from US to EU

“Miller has it all figured out: Media reports of losses on LNG carriers delivering LNG from US to EU< /p>Analysts have concluded that there is a serious supply crisis.

Analysts have come to the conclusion that it is no longer profitable for gas transmission companies to transport liquefied natural gas shipments from the United States to Europe.

According to “Free Press“ , the price is only one such transport will cause a loss, and is evaluated as negative.

As analysts explain, Europe has already taken 90.8% or 43.4 billion cubic meters of gas from its storage facilities, virtually emptying its gas storage facilities. But it is simply not profitable for gas carriers to transport fuel under current conditions, they have to work at a loss to deliver fuel from across the Atlantic.

The LNG prices are high due to the energy transition that has begun, which has caused a fuel shortage.

The publication notes that tankers travel faster across the Atlantic than across the Pacific Ocean, but they sit idle, as there is not enough fuel to fill the cylinders.


Therefore, every trip results in a loss, despite US claims of record LNG production.

“If your ships are heading to Europe instead of Asia, the trip will be much shorter, so ships will return sooner and be ready to go again. This creates greater availability (more precisely, excess supply) in the transport system,” explained expert “SP”.

According to Bloomberg, LNG deliveries to the Europe were record-breaking in January due to traders using spot prices to send shipments from Asia.

As a result, a large number of ships appeared in the 39;Atlantic.

The problem that arose at the time could be solved by redirecting ships to Asia by a longer route through the Pacific Ocean and thus balancing the interests of fuel producers, its buyers and shipowners. But this requires the launch of 'Nord Stream-2'. And the United States is against.

As a result, the publication comes to the conclusion that “Gazprom” and personally its leader Aleksey Miller, “bent” everyone.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Miller commented on Ukraine's threats to withdraw gas to pay off debt.< /p >


Zelensky collapsed the markets with an unsuccessful joke

Zelensky collapsed the markets with a bad joke< /p> In English on Facebook, Vladimir Zelensky's words were mistranslated.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky caused markets to collapse with his appeal to his compatriots.

According to the US agency Bloomberg, traders reacted to the sarcasm of the Ukrainian leader.

Recall that in his message to Ukrainians, Zelensky spoke about the date of February 16, declaring it Ukrainian Unity Day.

At the same time, the Facebook translator does not; did not quite correctly translate his words from Ukrainian to English.

“ We are told that February 16 will be the day of the attack. We will make it Unity Day, – he said.

At the same time, social network bots took his words as confirmation of the “invasion”; Russia to Ukraine, and the expression “it seems to us” was translated as "we are told".

As a result, due to Zelensky's words, the S&P 500 index fell 1.2% in the markets, oil rose above $95 per barrel.

Later, the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Mikhail Podolyak said that the country's leader's words should be understood as bullshit. ;irony, after which the losses in the market were recovered.

As TopNews wrote, Vladimir Zelensky recorded a video message to Ukrainians.

He told his compatriots about the serious challenges for the country, noted the pressure about Ukraine and also underlined the strength of his state.

Speaking of “alien” near the Ukrainian borders, he said that the country's armed forces have something to oppose the enemy.

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The Central Bank collapsed the stock market, bringing the key rate to 9.5%: the consequences are named

The Central Bank caused the stock market to collapse, driving the key rate to 9.5%: the consequences are named

Analysts criticize the regulator for not having used the most effective method.

The Central Bank of Russia announced that it had raised its key rate to 9.5%. Information about this appeared on February 11 on the site of the regulator.

At the same time, the Central Bank published a new inflation forecast, which will amount to 5 -6% instead of 4-4.5% previously forecast.

The average policy rate, according to information, will be up to 11% in 2022 (previously – up' 39;8.3%). Forecast indicators for the next two years have also increased: in 2023 – up to 7.5-9%, 2024 – 5-6%. analysts report that the Central Bank's decision led to the collapse of the Russian segment of the stock market. So, at noon on February 11, the index of the Moscow Stock Exchange fell by 3.66%, RTS – by 4.48%. “Stolen” down Tinkoff, Sberbank, Gazprom and Magnit.

Recall that the key rate is the annual percentage at which the Central Bank lends to commercial banks and accepts deposits. With a low CV, the level of access to credit for the population is high. Growth can be justified by an attempt to contain ruble inflation.

The indicator rises for the 8th time since March 2021. During this time, it rose from 4.25 % to 9.5%.

According to experts, such actions of the regulator do not help to cope with ruble inflation. As a result, already in February, the price increase can reach 9%. And this, in turn, will increase the interest on deposits and in the future will lead to an increase in consumer demand.

At the same time, there is a extremely negative side for the Russians.

“Such a dynamic” #8230;. hit the mortgage market and, consequently, the housing construction sector”, – says expert “MK” Sergey Suverov (UK “Arikapital”).

Artem Deev, an analyst at Amarkets, told the media that there are other ways to reduce ruble inflation. Thus, he called the increase in the cost of fuels and lubricants, housing and communal services, imports, logistics, labor resources, taxes, excise and duties rights.

At the same time, the increase in the Central Bank will not allow the ruble to stabilize in a short time. It will take several months, against a background of rising world prices for imports, fuel, housing and communal services, to slow the fall of the rouble.

“L'L' most expensive Central Bank money for Russian banks, more expensive loans and higher deposit rates”, – the analyst is sure of it.

So, according to him, lending rates will “rise”; from 0.5 to 1%, mortgage interest will be from 10 to 11%, car loans – from 12 to 14%, consumer loans & # 8211; 15-16%.

Analysts are convinced that the Central Bank's decision will not lead to a recession, but to a further increase in inflation, and a drop to 10% is already possible next spring .

Only the banking sector will benefit from such a decision, which can increase the turnover of loans and profits.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Central Bank is proposing to introduce a total ban on cryptocurrency in Russia.


Sergey Svetlakov became a co-owner of a gold mining company

Sergey Svetlakov became a co-owner of 39;a gold mining company

The comedian held shares in a mining company.

The media found out about the new business of actor and producer Sergei Svetlakov. According to publications extracted from the SPARK database, the Russian comedian bought a 2.3% stake in Territory Mining Company LLC.

Vedomosti publication reports that Territory, through its subsidiary, holds a license which gives the right to develop a copper-gold deposit in the Urals. By the way, it was in the Sverdlovsk region that Sergey Svetlakov was born.

The Turinskaya region is located five kilometers from the town of Nizhnyaya Tura. Until the end of 2032, the company has the right to develop there.

Comedian Sergey Svetlakov himself refused to comment on the business, but journalists found out that Turinskaya Mining Company LLC has the support of the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region.


So, in 2021, the companies were granted the status of participant in a priority investment project in the region.

Now the Turin mining company is entitled to a zero property tax and a rate reduced income tax.< /p>

The volume of private investment in the enterprise is estimated at 1.2 billion rubles.

According to the data of the Ministry of Nature of the Russian Federation, there are 513 thousand tons of pyrite from copper ore reserves at the deposit in the Turinskaya region. There are also 2.72 tons of gold, 45.4 tons of silver. There is sulphur, cadmium, zinc, copper, etc. on site.

In general, during development, it is possible to extract 3-5 tons of silver and 100-200 kilograms of gold.


As I wrote earlier in Topnews, comedian Alexander Revva told how many years ago he stopped communicating with Sergei Svetlakov. According to the comedian, it's all about money.

In 2018, Revva became the advertising face of Beeline, about this he received a call from Svetlakov, who previously collaborated with the operator. Svetlakov was outraged and demanded an explanation, but Revva just hung up.


European Commission chief called Gazprom affair strange and pointed to Kremlin machinations

Chapter The European Commission called Gazprom's affairs

EU continues to negotiate with US and Norway on alternative supplies .

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was outraged at the “strange” way of doing business she thinks the Russian company “Gazprom” uses.

According to Reuters, according to der Leyen, record gas prices are recorded in Europe, while the policy of the company, which does not want to increase the supply of blue fuel, is disconcerting.< /p>

In a press conference with the German media, she said that such an economic policy should be seen as the Kremlin's willingness to use fuel supplies as a means of political pressure& #8221;. And there are growing signs of this, says EC chief.

As a result, the European Union continues to negotiate with potential gas suppliers to redirect the flow of fuel if Moscow decides to stop supplies due to strained relations with Europe.

Today, Russia's share of gas imports from the mainland is 40%.

“We are building a partnership”… with the United States, … with other suppliers, for example with Norway,” the head of the EC said.

According to “Gazprom' 8221;, the company's production reached a 13-year high of 514.8 billion cubic meters of gas last year.

Supply to countries outside CEI increased by 5.8 billion on the year to 185.1 billion cubic meters.

The management of the holding, in response to the statements of critics, indicated that the volume of European supplies is the maximum possible within the framework of the contracts already concluded.

Increasing the volume of fuel, a specific buyer is necessary, which will fulfill certain conditions of the contract. The EU agrees that Russia fulfills the contracts, which does not prevent blaming Moscow for its energy crisis.

Russian suppliers indicate that the situation would have been different if Brussels had not given up on long-term contracts. Recall that according to the third energy package he presented, a company is prohibited from occupying more than 50% of the capacity of gas pipelines.

As Topnews has writes earlier, the Russian company has suspended the gas supply from Germany through SE “Yamal-Europe” .

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Media: Ukraine buys Russian gas from Hungary

Media: the ;Ukraine buys Russian gas from Hungary

According to journalists, Ukraine buys Russian fuel through intermediaries.

According to Ukrainian media, the gas that Ukraine started buying from Hungary was originally sent from Russia.

According to “' 8221; on its Telegram channel, Kiev buys "always the same Russian gas".

However, intermediaries " Slovakia and Hungary.

Journalists note that the start of gas supply coincided with the arrival of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow.

After a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the head of the Hungarian Cabinet, said that countries can agree on additional supplies of another billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Recall that in September 2021, Hungary signed an agreement with “Gazprom”. The document provides for the supply of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas every year for 15 years.

Hungary's decision “surprised and disappointed” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Kiev called this decision by Budapest “exclusively political”, underlining the lack of economic basis for the agreement.

Previously, TopNews wrote that there was a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe.

In the West, the situation was associated with the activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Bloomberg: 17 Million Russians Own Cryptocurrencies Worth Over ₽16.5 Trillion

Bloomberg: 17 million Russians own more than 16,500 billion euros in cryptocurrencies

These include citizens aged 24-35.

Russian authorities estimate the volume of the cryptocurrency market in Russia at more than $214 billion (16,500 billion rubles).

According to Bloomberg, citing government sources, based on these data, analysts intend to develop a strategy for regulating the sphere.

Media experts draw attention on the fact that the declared amount is approximately 12% of the price of crypto-assets in the world.

It is also a third of the cost of the main financial index of the Russian Federation. However, they believe that the amount may be higher and that the official data is underestimated due to the tendency of traders to hide their activities from the authorities.

According to the resource CoinMarketCap, the world capital of the cryptocurrency market is currently estimated at almost $1.75 trillion.

In turn, payment gateway TripleA (Singapore) provides information that in Russia about 12% of population (over 17 million people) own one or another cryptocurrency.

Bloomberg sources claim that in 60% of cases, owners of cryptocurrencies #39;a new type of money are citizens between the ages of 25 and 44.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Central Bank proposed to completely exclude the Russian market from it. mining and other operations with cryptocurrency.

After a discussion between the media and experts, the di Laughing Russian Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion, which called on financiers and their opponents to reach a consensus and report it publicly.


NYT: US Sanctions Against Russia Will Collapse Global Financial System

NYT: US Sanctions Against Russia Will Collapse Global Financial System

Experts noted that no other country has attempted to introduce such a set of sanctions against Russia before.

Recently, the United States announced a new sanctions package against Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, which includes, among other things, sanctions against the country's leader Vladimir Putin personally.

The New York Times analysts have predicted how these sanctions will affect the global financial system. And the forecasts are rather sad.

Experts have noticed that no other country has tried to impose such a set of sanctions against Russia before.

It should be noted that this could lead to disorder in the economies of developed countries, especially those located in Europe, as US sanctions will be followed by retaliatory measures from the Kremlin.

According to the economy Europe, the global economy will also shake.

An example of retaliatory sanctions is the delimitation of gas supplies to Europe.

In turn, Politico reporter Matthew Karnichnig believes that anti-Russian sanctions will cause global commodity prices to rise, followed by high inflation, financial panic and stock market collapse.

Fyodor Lukyanov, scientific director of the Valdai International Discussion Club, partially concurred with the predictions of foreign analysts.

In his opinion, the United States is using sanctions as a game to maintain, as well as to replace the conflict . However, none of them are seeking to instigate hostilities, the expert is sure of that.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the United States had decided not to impose any sanctions against Putin for a “technical” reason.