PSAKI says the US and its allies have “completely crushed” the Russian economy

Psaki said that the United States together with its allies

Moreover, according to Psaki, American allies participated in this process.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the United States and its allies “completely crushed”; the economy of the Russian Federation.

This statement was made by an official representative of the US authorities during her briefing.

Psaki's words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

She noted that she should ask President Russia a question to Vladimir Putin about “what will be the endgame”.

' 8220;We completely crushed his [Vladimir Putin's Economy] ”, – Psaki said, noting that the United States has provided assistance to Ukraine, so the country “resists much longer”.

According to her, Vladimir Putin must determine its “ way forward“ #8221;.

Russia's special operation in Ukraine began on February 24.

In response, the West imposed severe sanctions against the Russia.

< p>According to US President Joe Biden, the Russian stock market is waiting for an “explosion” and collapse after the opening.

For this, the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, said that measures are being taken in Russia to level the processes of economic warfare launched by the West.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the United States imposes sanctions on the family of Dmitry Peskov.

Tatyana Navka reacted to the situation.


Media: famine could start in Sweden

Media: Famine could start in Sweden

Local publications are sounding the alarm over the economic crisis.

The day before, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, citing a report from the country's authorities, came to the conclusion that a humanitarian catastrophe could lie in wait for Sweden.

As reported said the authors of the document, if a military conflict breaks out near the country's borders, problems may arise with food and medical care for the population.

The fact is that in the 90s, Stockholm decided to close the warehouses for food, medicine and personal protective equipment that were created during the Cold War.


The premises were dismantled, but no stock was built up.

A new cycle of stockpiling was carried out during the coronavirus pandemic, but events in Ukraine forced the Swedish authorities to rethink the restocking.

As a result, according to journalists, Stockholm began to study the issue of food storage even before February 24, when Russia announced the start of a special military operation in the Donbass.

According to the data provided by the National Food Agency, which is responsible for strengthening the preparation to provide citizens with food in the event of war, a disappointing conclusion has been drawn.

The document states that in the event of a border war with Sweden, food supplies may shrink to a serious size.

“Hunger could become a reality in Sweden”, – REGNUM reports referencing Swedish media.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in December last year in Sweden, which is part of the ;NATO, there was a conflict between Russian and American foreign officials. Ministries, Sergey Lavrov and Anthony Blinken.

And later a number of Swedish companies, including IKEA, announced their withdrawal from the Russian market.


Rallies began in Europe due to rising fuel prices, in the United States there are queues at gas stations – and all this against the background of a tripling of Gazprom revenue

The rallies started in Europe due to rising fuel prices, in the United States, there are queues at gas stations – and it's all against the backdrop of Gazprom revenue tripling

Videos on the web show queues of 39;waiting at US gas stations.

Media reports that mass rallies have started in a number of European countries amid rising fuel prices. All were the result of the imposition of sanctions on the fuel supply.

According to the REN television channel, the protesters appeared in front of the Albanian government building.

Thus, people ask for lower prices. As a result, the protest action turned into a clash with the police, who arrived to control the rally.

The situation in Italy seems no less serious, where on March 14 the truckers announced a major strike. Their costs have become almost unsustainable, which is why freight transport companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, a full tank of a regular car in Italy costs 110 euros.

Videos appear on the web showing queues at American gas stations.

In a country where the Biden administration completely banned the importation of resources from the Russian Federation, record prices for automotive fuel are being recorded throughout American history.


A record increase in fuel prices is also recorded in Europe, at the same time Russian “Gazprom” earns three times more from higher prices than in previous periods.

So, in January, the monopoly company received $9.463 billion. According to Ruposters, citing FCS data, this is 2.7 times more than in January 2021.

For 1,000 cubic meters of gas in January, the Russian supplier took in average $686, compared to $518 in December. And this despite the fact that the volume of exports fell by 34.1% to 13.8 billion m³.

Compared to December indicators, the physical volume of gas exports fell by 14 .3%, while revenues increased by 13.5%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that German economist Daniel Stelter spoke about the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for the 39;Europe.

He explained that the restrictive measures lead to stagflation of the economy, that is to say, to the growth of prices when production stagnates.


The expert explained the “betrayal” of the Kazakh airline Air Astana, which stopped flights to Russia

The expert explained the

According to him, London is responsible .

Political scientist Andrey Grozin, in an interview with the media, explained what caused the suspension of flights to Russia by the Kazakh carrier Air Astana.

Recall that the day before the airline had announced that it was suspending flights to Russia and would not fly over its territory.

Insurance services for Russian commercial flights are also terminated, resulting in the ;flight cancellation.

The company reported that the air traffic difficulties with Russia are temporary, and work is underway to restore .

It is known that in Air Astana, founded in 2001, 51% of its shares are owned by the Kazakh side, namely the Samruk-Kazyna fund, and 49% is owned by the British – BAE Systems PLC.

In conversation with “MK” Grozin explained that London should be blamed for the situation, because. all aircraft are leased from the UK. Carrier Drivers – they are well-paid Western professionals.

He also recalled that Air Astana had officially announced the reason for the disruption of flights to Russia – this is a change in the conditions for providing insurance, which UK businesses are likely to have to pay for.

While formally the majority stake belongs to Kazakhstan, in reality he cannot oppose anything to the British side.

Grozin implied that the authorities in Kazakhstan “were simply confronted with a fact”. It's too early to judge their true attitude, the analyst believes.

Nevertheless, there are no airlines bigger than Air Astana in the country, as well as in Central Asia. It is also too early to judge when it will leave, Grozin believes.

“Before the coronavirus crisis, Russia accounted for around 50% of its flights. If we don't do it now, everything could fall apart. There is simply nowhere to fly ”, – he predicts.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that on March 2, the airline Boeing announced the end of maintenance of Russian aircraft.

The next day, the Russian Ministry of Transport has offered to nationalize its property.

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With new sanctions, Biden banned the supply of dollar bills to Russia and the import of diamonds and vodka from Russia

With new sanctions, Biden banned the supply of dollar bills to the Russian Federation and the import of diamonds and vodka from Russia

The US president is confident that the new restrictions will increase sanctions pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin and further isolate Russia's financial system from the global economy.

On March 11, US leader Joe Biden imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia.

According to the signed executive order, the export, re-export, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States or by a U.S. individual/legal entity is now prohibited, regardless of jurisdiction. location of dollar banknotes, to the Government of the Russian Federation or to any natural/legal person located in Russia.

Imports from Russia to the United States of seafood, spirits, in particular Russian vodka, as well as diamonds and luxury goods, including cars, luxury clothing and jewelry, were also subject to restrictions.

Exports of luxury goods from the United States to Russia were also subject to a ban.

Biden added that the executive order signed would also make it possible to impose restrictions on investments in any sector of the Russian economy in the future.

In addition, according to the head of the White House, the G7 countries will cancel the favorable treatment in trade with Russia and deprive the Russian Federation of the possibility of obtaining loans from the World Bank and the IMF.

U.S. residents are also prohibited from investing in any sector of the Russian economy.

Executives of banks on the sanctions list will face stiff penalties, their assets will be frozen in the United States, and the executives will be barred from entering the United States.

MPs of the State Duma who spoke in favor of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the recognition of the LPR and the DPR will also fall under a ban on entry into the United States.

But the Russian oligarchs on the sanctions lists will have a more active confiscation of assets in the United States.

It should be noted that earlier the House Blanche announced the refusal to buy oil, gas and coal in Russia.

Earlier it became known that the EU also banned the sale and import of tickets in Russia. euros in Russia.

All natural and legal persons were prohibited on the territory of Russia, organizations, as well as government agencies r usses, including About governments and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The restrictions will come into effect on March 12.


The European Union announced the reaching of a limit on anti-Russian sanctions

L&#39 ;European Union said to have reached the limit of anti-Russian sanctions

European politicians have recognized that new sanctions threaten the EU itself.

In a conversation with the media, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU had reached the limit of anti-Russian restrictive measures.

As the ;explained the politician in an interview with franceinfo, the EU could go further, but the participating countries have reached the limit of what can be done on their side.

Borrell believes that “we did everything we could.

The head of the German Foreign Office, Annalena Berbock, agrees with him on this point. She turned to the European powers asking them to be cool and think about the possibility of destabilizing Europe by imposing an embargo on energy imports from of Russia.

According to RIA Novosti, Burbock said that EU countries themselves should be ready to introduce such a measure, otherwise hospitals could be left without electricity, citizens of – lose mobility.

If it turns out that Europe cannot resist the measures introduced, they will have to be reversed.

All this will lead to the destabilization of the situation, which, in its opinion, Russian President Vladimir Putin would like .

In the end, even “if it breaks your heart”, do not introduce measures, but work faster to replace imports of raw materials Russians.

The truth, according to Burbock, lies in the powerful reserves of Russia, which has the resources for a long-term bombardment of Ukraine. And the only hard step the West can take – “Isolating the Russian President further”, she believes.

As Topnews wrote earlier, anti-Russian measures have been introduced by the EU and from other countries in response to the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

This became possible after Russia accepted the sovereignty of the LDNR.

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The IMF assessed the probability of default in Russia

The IMF estimated the likelihood of default in Russia

Kristalina Georgieva explained what influences such chances.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, said the day before that a default in Russia can no longer be considered an incredible event.

According to the expert, who sounded on the CNBC television channel, the country is in a deep recession, which she was pushed into by harsh sanctions.

She did not judge necessary to make forecasts in such a situation, due to the fact that the specific risk of default directly depends on the special operation in Ukraine.

Secondly, it will be affected by the duration of the sanctions themselves . It is also unclear whether the country will be able to pay its debts.

“As for a default, this scenario no longer seems unlikely,” Georgieva said.

She believes that not only Russia, but the whole world will also be affected by the consequences of the events in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, which are already noticeable.

These include rising prices for raw materials, energy resources and foodstuffs.

New inflation severe growth will affect global incomes, consumer demand and the global economy as a whole.

As Topnews wrote earlier, after Russia announced an operation special on February 24, international rating agencies significantly lowered the ratings of Russia.

The Ministry of Finance believes that in case of freezing of gold and foreign currency reserves of Russia Russia, the West is under threat of defaulting on its obligations to the country.

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CIA Analyst Lists Russia's Most Painful Sanctions for the West

Analyst The CIA has listed the most painful sanctions for Western Russia

The expert explained that the crisis will affect even American farmers.

Financial analyst, former CIA adviser James Rickards has told the media that the harsh restrictive measures imposed by the United States on Russia could blow up the country's economy.

In an article for The Daily Reckoning, he explained that despite the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West, they will not only hit Russia, but also the United States.

< p>According to the expert, many of the measures introduced, for example, the disconnection of SWIFT, Russia can circumvent. So, to replace the payment system, it can use payments through the old Telex PS.

Second output option – carry out banking operations through countries that have not supported the measures.

And the foreign market for products that have left Russia can be replenished through import substitution.

As for Russia's response, their threats which the analyst highly estimates will affect both Europe and the United States.

“This will lead to defaults in the West and could even mark the start of a global liquidity crisis that can only be contained with Fed currency swaps, as we have seen. at the start of the pandemic when the markets were collapsing”. , – the expert explained.

Rickards recalls that the Russian authorities, represented by President Vladimir Putin, have already banned the export of a number of Russian products, because the country has not only oil, but also rare metals whose West needs & # 8211; aluminum, titanium, palladium, platinum, fertilizers, cereals and a number of food products.

The ban on their export will seriously affect the economy Western countries, the analyst believes.

He cited as an example what will happen to farmers who grow food and raise livestock, butchers and processors who produce meat, poultry, bread and dairy products. They – intermediaries, and the source of the supply chain is nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, which were supplied by the Russian Federation. .

Rickards pointed out that when the Russian Federation's supply chain for a number of materials and commodities is disrupted, prices in the United States and Europe will continue to rise. ;to augment. In addition, food products will also be affected.

In general, the former CIA adviser defined the restrictive measures imposed as a boomerang of sanctions.

As Topnews Previously reported, EU diplomacy chief Josep Barrell said Europe had almost reached the limit on anti-Russian sanctions and further steps could harm the EU. ;Europe itself.

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Biden: 40-year high inflation in the United States is associated with sanctions against Russia

Biden: Record US inflation in 40 years is associated with sanctions on Russia

Roscosmos reported how much the US lost on sanctions anti-Russian.

US President Joe Biden, assessing the economic situation in the country, named the reason for the sharp rise in inflation.

Recall, as analysts say, that his figures beat records over the past 40 years.< /p>

The president explained that the incomes of the country's citizens are falling due to rising prices.

According to him, "a great contribution" it was Russia that contributed to the rising prices of gasoline and energy carriers. He noted that US budgets are stretched thin by rising prices.

“As markets reacted to Putin's aggressive moves,” Biden said in a statement.

He added that the Russian economy suffered even more from the sanctions.

The US Department of Labor estimated consumer price growth at 0.8% from January 2022. Annual figures are estimated as a record since 1982 and stand at 7.9%.

In turn, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that the United States, which had stopped supplying Russian-made rocket engines, had already lost about 4 billion dollars.< /p>

In an interview with deputies of the State Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party, he explained that the retaliatory sanctions “Roscosmos” is 12 billion dollars, which will cause the United States to lose. As a result, the damage caused by anti-Russian sanctions is greater for their initiators, according to Interfax.

Recall that Russia has already canceled the launch of British OneWeb satellites, and earlier Rogozin himself asserted that the strike on international cooperation on the ISS can lead to the deorbiting of the station.

Then he explained that the station does not fly over the territory of Russia, and the fall of 500 kilograms from the ISS could fall on the territory of the United States.

As Topnews wrote earlier, on February 24, a Russian special operation in Ukraine was announced , which prompted anti-Russian sanctions from the United States.

Biden announced them as “unprecedented”, assuring that he had nothing against the Russians ordinary.


Tamara Globa and Ziraddin Rzayev called the conditions when the dollar stabilizes and the crisis ends

Tamara Globa and Ziraddin Rzayev named the dates when the dollar will stabilize and the crisis will end

Astrologers explained what awaits the country in the next 2-3 years.

Russian astrologers Ziraddin Rzaev and Tamara Globa said that the economic crisis will not last long.

According to their version, the stars say that the date when a new economic recovery will begin in Russia has already been determined.

So, according to the finalist of the “Battle of the psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev, it will take two, at least three years, for everything to return to normal.

The crisis, predicts the astrologer, will cover the whole world, not just Russia. However, dollar stability will happen sooner – he gave three months for this.

A gradual increase will begin already in June, and Russians who are engaged in domestic production can count on success.

” The advice is to strive to expand production as much as possible,” the astrologer explained.

It is better to take a vacation after June, and Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and other open countries will be a suitable place for this.

I am agree with my fellow astrologer Tamara Globa, whom Russians see on the show “Let's get married!”.

According to her, the global economic crisis will last two and a half years.< /p>

The current month of March will be the time for peacekeeping agreements and negotiations, and in April it will be possible to wait for an answer.< /p>

In May the time will come for new conflicts that will subside only in the summer, when the forces take a break.

Another astrologer, Vasilisa Volodina, according to “ StarHit&#8221 ;, expressed the opinion a year ago that Russia would enter a phase of crisis.

She viewed 2022 as economically tied to 2021, and both periods would show the consequences of what had happened before. She also believes that Russia has its own economic phases, which, according to the stars, replace each other.

“The peak of our prosperity under the existing formation was reached in 2007, from this moment until 2025, everything goes down,” Volodina said.

As Topnews wrote earlier, astrologers have already named the most unlucky in 2022.

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