Moët Hennessy warns against stopping champagne shipments to Russia due to law Putin signed

 Moët Hennessy warned against stopping champagne shipments to Russia due to law signed by Putin

Moët Hennessy said that & # 39 he found it unacceptable to rename his products.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed law 171-FZ & # 8220; on the regulation of alcoholic beverages & # 8221; which changes the alcohol labeling rules & # 8211; This applies to the concepts of “sparkling wines” and “Russian Cognac”.

The document, which is posted on the Legal Information Portal, says what exactly is to be understood by definitions, “indigenous grape variety”, “grape flavored drinks”, “grape vodka” and “grape vodka” and ” brandy “,” sparkling pearl wines “and others.

It is known that due to the law, the company Moet Hennessy, which produces champagne, will suspend the sale of the drink in Russia. Freezing times are not specified.

In addition, the law clarifies how alcohol will be labeled at retail, establishes limits and standards for processing grapes for alcohol production.

< p>Thus, the content of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide is authorized in champagne, and a new definition of sparkling wines is also given.

In response to the law, Moët Hennessy said he found it unacceptable to rename the products & # 8220; champagne & # 8221; in & # 8220; sparkling wine & # 8221; from the Champagne region to the Russian Federation, and also does not want to undergo re-certification and change the labeling.

Moët Hennessy sent a letter to his Russian partners, which states that the wine will no longer be supplied to the Russian Federation. RBC reported this yesterday referring to their sources.

Recall that the bill was initiated by a group of deputies of the State Duma, and FZ-171 has been in force in the Russian Federation since June 26, 2021.

Earlier, Topnews reported that scientists named the most dangerous alcoholic drinks that lead to severe hangovers.

These include sherry, whiskey, and a few more.


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