Media: Putin lowered gas prices in EU in one sentence

media: Putin he brought down gas prices in the EU in one sentence

The German edition Welt made the Russian leader a superhero.

The authors of the German publication Welt believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeded in bringing down gas prices in Europe in one sentence.

In their opinion, this happened when the Russian leader took over the management of the company & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; to switch to planned supplies of an increased volume of blue fuel to European gas storage facilities, to which company chief Alexey Miller said the task would be completed. Putin asked to be informed of the progress of the work.

The president explained that he would control the course of events.

After these words, the prices of natural gas in the Netherlands fell by 15%. % at a time, say German journalists.

& # 8220; Almost random note & # 8230; Putin breathed a sigh of relief in the European gas market & # 8221;, – they say.

The newspaper also reports that Russia's dominant position in the gas market is now undeniable.

As Topnews previously wrote, the Russian leader predicted the gas crisis in Europe 11 years ago, speaking at an economic forum in Germany.

Against the backdrop of the crisis, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder made a statement on his

According to him, many participants simply do not understand the nature of the collapse and consider that it is enough to blame Russia for this situation, said the politician on the sidelines of the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum, which is taking place. in Verona (Italy).

If last year, against the backdrop of a production shutdown due to a pandemic, the supply of blue fuel was reduced, and winter was hot, which also saved fuel, so in 2021 the situation is different. The two factors already mentioned led to the lack of additional fuel reserves in the GPC, which is why the prices increased in the summer.

Schroeder pointed out that the sources of gas supply are Russia and Norway, the liquefied fuel is delivered from the United States. Already this year, supplies from Russia have increased by 9%, while those from Norway have on the contrary decreased by 2 and 11% in two quarters.

LNG may alleviate the gas shortage, but the alternative to expensive gas pipeline supplies does not end in Europe, and in China and the countries of Europe. Asia with their & # 8220; economic miracle & # 8221; and fuel prices are rising again.

This is why, given the facts, the accusations of a crisis on Russia seem unfounded to Schroeder.

“Are there signs of competition between the USA and Russia? Of course it does, ”said the politician.

According to him, international security in the energy sector directly depends on the degree of development of economic ties with supplier countries, and long-term contracts become their best security . Therefore, the approach demonstrated by the European Union to reduce reliance on fuel supplies did not help with the verification on the ground.

The only way out for policies is dialogue and cooperation, since both parties, suppliers and exporters & # 8220; depend on each other & # 8221 ;, reports & # 8220; MK & # 8221 ;.


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