Media named three obstacles to starting Nord Stream 2 exploitation

The media named three obstacles to starting Nord Stream 2

Politico: You must first get rid of three obstacles.

Columnist America Hernandez, in an article for Politico, said that for the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, three hurdles must be removed.

Among them, she stressed the need for technical work, which will take at least three months.

By these she means cleaning up the offshore areas of Nord Stream -2 “, checking the pipeline for leaks and potential problems.

The second thing to to do before starting an international project is to obtain a safety certificate from an independent and internationally recognized expert organization.

Hernandez recalled that such an enterprise would automatically fall under the US sanctions, as Senator James Risch previously reported.

The third hurdle will be confirmation of the facility's compliance with European requirements. They must be issued by the facility. ; German Federal Network Agency (BNA), which is the regulator of & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221;.

At high prices, experts will see a threat to the country's energy security .

As Topnews previously wrote, Gazprom announced the completion of the pipeline on September 10.

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