Media: from October 1 in Russia will increase the salaries of state employees and pensions of the military

 Media: From October 1, salaries of state employees and military pensions will be increased in Russia

We know who can expect an increase income in the second month of fall.

The media have learned that from October 1 in Russia, some categories of citizens expect an increase in their income. Their salaries will be increased, pensions will be transferred. In addition, the payment procedure for children will be changed.

The security forces will see their salaries increased

From October 1, the salaries of conscripts and contract soldiers will increase by 3.7% , police, FSIN and enforcement officers, customs and firefighters.

Moreover, as clarified by RIA & # 8220; Novosti & # 8221 ;, salary growth will affect the courier service specialists. Military retreats will also increase in volume, but the size will depend.

Government employees will see their wages indexed

Edition & # 8220; Premium & # 8221; with reference to the words of the PRUE professor. G.V. Plekhanov Yulia Finogenova, reports that the magnitude of the increase will depend on the capabilities of the region in which the state employee lives, as well as the specifics of the industry. But it cannot be lower than the federal level.

For some officials, the hike is expected to be at least 6.6%. For those who work in the public sector, economists, psychologists & # 8211; 3.8%.

Payments for children

In October, payments for the 1st and 2nd children will begin to be credited exclusively to the card & # 8220; Mir & # 8221 ;, including in families where children have appeared since January 1, 2018.

Unemployment, pregnancy and childbirth allowances, childcare allowances will start to come on the same map.

Complements to pensions

The same & # 8220; Premium & # 8221; Referring to the head of the AVG Legal law firm Alexei Gavrichev, he reports that pension payments will increase from October, as well as benefits in honor of the Day of the Elderly will be expanded .

The increase is obtained in money. If a citizen wants to refuse the service, then the money will be added to the pension. To notify your intention, you must submit a request to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, MFC or to your personal account & # 8220; State Services & # 8221; before the 1st of the month. on the change of method of receiving the service.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the FIU explained how to get a lump sum payment from the pension savings.


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