Kiev offered Moscow to extend its gas transit contract

Kiev has offered Moscow to extend the contract transit for gas

The head of” Ukrainian operator GTS “, Serhiy Makogon, described the conditions offered by Kiev.

The head of the company “GTS Operator of Ukraine” Sergei Makogon said that before the expiration of the contract for the transit of gas from Russia through the country, Kiev was ready to conclude the next .

He also underlined the conditions under which the Ukrainian side is ready to take such a step.

As quoted by his website “TSN”, Makogon has said about “ persistent & # 8221; the Ukrainian side's proposal to extend the contract, without waiting for its end in 2024.

He explained that if Germany and the United States are interested in it, then the Ukraine has such an opportunity, and it & # 39; s ready to make a new deal & # 8220; even today '.

The duration of the document, according to Makogon, could be 10 & # 8211; 15 years, and the volume of transit gas & # 8211; about 45 billion cubic meters per year.

However, the proposal of the Ukrainian side, said the head of the company, Russia remained silent.

As for the promises made previously by the German and American sides to maintain the transit flow after the launch of & # 8220; Sevpotok-2 & # 8221 ;, they are not supported by anything.

The term used by them in the statement on the subject, namely & # 8220; use gas as a weapon & # 8221; on the Russian side, he couldn't explain himself.

& # 8220; In my opinion, Russia is already using gas as a weapon & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; said the head of the company.

He added that this is proven by gas prices, the closure of businesses in Europe and their bankruptcy.

Recall that at present, under the Russian-Ukrainian agreement & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; in the first year it will pump 65 billion cubic meters of gas through Ukrainian territory and for another four years, until 2024, & # 8211; 40 billion each

As the head of the company Alexey Miller explained, in the future the transit volume will be regulated by the technical state of Ukrainian systems and the economic feasibility.

As Topnews wrote, in early September the FSB accused Ukrainian intelligence services of sabotage of a gas pipeline in Crimea.


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