Israel is the first in the world to ban the sale of fur

Israel was the first the world to ban the sale of fur

Animal rights activists have backed the” landmark decision “.

Israel's Environment Ministry chief Gila Gamliel signed a landmark document. The decree of the head of the department informs about the ban on the sale of products made of natural fur.

Thus, Israel has become the first country in the world where the trade in fur products is officially banned.

The decree will come into effect in December of this year, reports the Jerusalem Post.

According to the document, a ban is imposed on the sale and purchase of natural fur used for the production of clothing.

The exception will be the use of fur for scientific, educational and religious purposes.

According to Gamliel, behind the production of fur products lies the “cruelty and suffering” of animals that are dying because of it to the tune of hundreds of millions around the world. She assessed the production of fur as ” immoral and unnecessary. “

In support of the ministry's decision, animal rights activists from Animals Now have spoken out. They viewed the country's authorities' decision as a “Milestone” capable of saving animals from “the hell of the fur industry.” The authors point out that 86% of Israelis supported the decision.

In turn , the PETA Group account called the ban a “historic victory.” = twsrc% 5Etfw "data -wpel-link = "external" target = "_ blank" rel = "external nofollow noopener noreferrer

We know that the trade of the Fur is banned in the state of California (United States) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Earlier, Topnews reported that in Moscow, customs officials shut down the registered fur trade for criminals. .


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