Individual Participants

Individuals can get involved in The Barefoot Walk by registering on our website, gathering donations and coming out on the day of the walk. The pledge form is available online so that anyone can collect pledges and participate in the walk. The walk is for everyone to participate in, including: students, parents and community members. Even if your school is not coming to the event, you can still gather a group of friends, collect donations together and be a part of the day.  We ask that all participants collect donations from family and friends. We have a list of fundraising tips and ideas that may be used to help you collect your pledges. Our sponsors make it possible for the event to be free to all participants so that 100% of all donations collected will be donated to both local and global causes.  On the day of the walk, participants will walk barefoot around the park, to raise awareness of the millions of children worldwide whose basic needs are not being met. Also included in the day are motivational speakers, interactive educational booths, lunch and entertainment.

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