In Russia, controls have started on expensive purchases of real estate from citizens without official income

 In Russia, controls began on expensive purchases of goods from citizens without official income

The first was the Saratov region.

The deputy governor of the Saratov region, Roman Busargin, told his Telegram channel that checks have started in the region of citizens who have no official income, but acquire expensive goods.

The project started as a pilot, the official said … Now, according to him, the Engels district administration is studying the lists of local residents who are not officially engaged in any activity, but are buying very expensive items.

The list includes more than forty people who became owners of expensive housing and cars in 2021 year. And the study of sources of funds of residents of Saratov will be dealt with by law enforcement & # 8211; “Structural profile”, said the vice-governor.

Also, according to Busargin, the declarations subject to the tax by agricultural producers have been checked beforehand. As a result, “glaring facts” have come to light.

He explained that some of them had rented very expensive foreign cars and made them official as farm machinery. After that, the acquisition of the vehicle was included at a loss, which resulted in a decrease in the tax burden.

Busargin said the pilot inspections would bring an additional 676.6 million rubles to the regional budget from the start. of the year. In just one week, revenue mobilization in various directions brought in $ 30.8 million.

As Topnews previously wrote, a tax on meat was allowed in Russia.

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