Gazprom suspends gas transit to Germany via the Yamal-Europe pipeline

Gazprom has suspended gas transit to Germany via the Yamal & ndash Europe pipeline

Peskov commented on the decision. Meanwhile, the price of gas in Europe exceeded $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters for the first time.

The gas transport operator Gascade has announced the suspension of gas deliveries to Germany via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, reports TASS.

According to the agency, & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; the day before he did not reserve the gas pumping capacity for Tuesday, December 21, and neither in a regular session, nor in an additional session.

Commenting on this matter, the press secretary of the Russian Federation President Dmitry Peskov called the situation commercial and advised to seek comments in & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221 ;.

At the same time, Peskov denied rumors that the actions of the management of & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; linked to the statement of the head of BNA Jochen Homann regarding the delay in the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline & # 8220; Yamal-Europe & # 8221; against the backdrop of an impending peak in winter gas price growth in the European gas market.

The maximum value on December 17 was 10 million kWh at a minimum of 1, 2 million kWh at present, or 20% of the main capacities.

In the context, the decision of & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; reverse gas supply from Germany to Poland has started.

Meanwhile, spot prices for natural gas in Europe for the first time in history topped $ 2,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.

January futures price on the TTF hub in the Netherlands rose to $ 2004 per thousand cubic meters. m, i.e. € 171.52 per MWh.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Germany announced the inability to approve Nord Stream 2.

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