Gas prices explode again in Europe

Gas price

In Germany, they stopped the certification of Nord-Stream, after naming the conditions for Russia.

The media reports that today, for the first time since October 27, the price of gas in Europe, which was pegged on the ICE exchange, rose by more than $ 1,000 to 1 000 cubic meters.

According to analysts, the reason for such a rise in blue fuel prices could be the drop in nominations for the supply of fuel to Europe from Norway, which have fallen by 10% per day. If previously it was assumed to be 345.7 million cubic meters, it is now referred to as 310.9 million cubic meters, according to the Gassco service.

Growth was also influenced by Gazprom's decision to refuse to reserve additional natural gas capacity that could be delivered to Poland via Ukraine.

Judging by the results of yesterday's auction, the Ukrainian GTS offered to become an operator for delivery on December 9, 8 million cubic meters per day, which would be supplied by the station “Sudzha” and 5.2 million & # 8211; via Sokhranovka, but the operator & # 39; s bid turned out to be unclaimed.

As a result, according to the results of tenders for pumping fuel, the growth of a cubic meter of gas in Europe exceeded $ 960 per 1,000.

At the same time, it was learned that the German side had taken the decision to suspend the certification of Nord Stream 2.

As Bloomberg reported, the Federal Network Agency (FSA) of Germany has announced that Nord Stream 2 AG will only receive the certificate after reorganization of the operator, which must comply with German laws.

Among other things, the operator is proposed to create a subsidiary in Germany which would be in charge of the German part of the motorway.

Remember that the head office of Nord Stream 2 AG is located in Zug, Switzerland. The procedure for issuing the document will continue when the main assets and employees are transferred to a new German “daughter”, the regulator explained.

On the eve of the German regulator said that Naftogaz “And” the Ukrainian operator GTS “.

As Topnews wrote previously, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order that allows the imposition of sanctions against & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221 ;, as well as other Russian energy projects.

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