Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Check out some awesome ways to raise more funds to support the causes you care about most!
80's Dance

Supervisors are needed. You may want to organize a table of refreshments for sale between $1 and $2. You will need 10 people to create/post informative posters and decorate the gym or cafeteria. You will need to have a door price and should advertise that it’s for charity. You could hire a DJ or have a student volunteer!

Pie the Teacher

You will need definite teacher participation for this activity. You will also need to purchase paper plates and whip cream to create your “pies”. You will need to base the price of each pie on how much you spent buying the supplies. Advertise and promote this idea ┬áto your friends and classmates.

Shovelling Snow or Raking Leaves

People in the committee, club or group you have can canvass your neighbourhoods and offer to shovel homeowners driveways or rake their leaves for a donation to your cause!

Silent Auction

Ask people to donate any items that they might have such as: food/candy, books, movies, gift baskets, etc and have sheets that students, parents and teachers can place their bids! Highest bid wins!

Movie Night

Host a movie night in your schools auditorium or gym! Gather volunteers to help you set up and advertise the event. Change an entry fee and buy lots of popcorn and snacks for your movie-goers to buy.

Movie Buy-Out

Choose a movie that people really want to see! Students can donate a specified amount of money and get rewarded with and afternoon of relaxing movie watching!

Other Suggestions

The list could go on forever, but for simplicities sake, here are some more suggestions!

  • Talent Show
  • Band Day
  • Dress Down Days
  • Bake Sale
  • Cake Raffle
  • School Garage Sale
  • And so much more!
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