Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine during repeated missile attacks by Russian armed forces

Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine in the event of a repeat of missile attacks by the RF armed forces

The publication lists the most vulnerable objects of the energy structure.

Forbes estimates that in the event of a repeat of massive RF Armed Forces attacks on energy infrastructure, there are three tragic scenarios for Ukraine.

In the material of the British David Hambling, he points out that the energy system of Ukraine created in Soviet times still withstands the onslaught and does not allow cascading blackouts, as is happening. would produce in the United States.

Authorities manage to redirect energy from one part of the country to another when part of the production capacity is lost .

However, the Russian side has moved on to attacks on electricity distribution systems, which poses a much greater danger. Thus, open switchgears, transformers and switches are attacked.

The power outage is inevitable, Hambling believes.

According to his version, in the first scenario, the RF armed forces will attack the transit substations transmitting light from west to east, and the left bank plunges into darkness.

Second scenario – a series of attacks on electricity and substations that will leave the whole of Ukraine without electricity, but for some time.

Finally, the third scenario assumes the development the most difficult of events. Namely, a series of strikes on the open switchgear of nuclear power plants, as well as on the substations that connect the energy system of Ukraine with Europe.

The defeat of these objects will lead to a power outage for a week, the journalist estimates.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described how he will deal with energy problems during the coming winter.


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