Five EU countries urged to investigate reasons for record rise in gas prices

Five EU countries called to investigate reasons for record gas price hike

Putin called the gas price situation in the EU a hysteria and confusion.

Five EU countries & # 8211; France, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece & # 8211; issued a joint statement.

In their speech, the states announced their decision to investigate the reasons for the record rise in gas prices in Europe.

Bloomberg reporter Javier Blas wrote on Twitter that countries have also been urged to develop general rules regarding gas reserves in order to mitigate price spikes.

States also proposed to increase bargaining power by strengthening coordination, reforming the electricity market in Europe and underlined the need for energy independence by diversifying the energy supply sector and reducing Europe & # 39; s dependence on natural gas exporting countries.

Against this background, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the gas price situation in Europe hysterical and confusing.

He stressed the need for sustainable development of the energy industry, and also drew attention to the, in his view, the underestimated problem of climate change .

& # 8220; You see what's going on in Europe, there is hysteria and some sort of confusion in the markets & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; the president said in a meeting with the government.

He said the transition to alternative energy sources should be smooth and Russia has every chance of not making such mistakes.

& # 8220; We see what certain unbalanced decisions, unbalanced development and abrupt reshuffle lead to & # 8221; & # 8211; he said.

Remember that in recent weeks in Europe, the price of gas has risen sharply.

In early August, securities for the fuel supply were trading at around $ 515 per 1000 cubic meters, then a month later, prices rose to $ 614, and at the end of September soared twice.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the first channel of & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; is filled with gas.

After this news, there was a strong variation in blue fuel prices in Europe.

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