Experts: Ministry of Economic Development plans to impose taxes on beer, wine and perfume from the EU will deal a 'hard blow' to the consumer

 Experts: The plans of the Ministry of Economic Development to impose taxes on beer, wine and perfume from the EU will bear a

Experts predict the disappearance of consumer goods from counters and rising unemployment.

Two Russian departments, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, are considering the possibility of increasing tariffs on a number of goods from the Russian Federation. EU, and restrictions on importing Russian steel into Europe are being worked out.

the feasibility of such measures in response to EU sanctions. Also, the topic of discussion is the list of goods that may affect the increase in collection.

Recall that the previous edition of & # 8220; Vedomosti & # 8221; suggested that the tariff increase will affect the cost of consumer goods imported from the European Union.

An insider on the publication said that we can talk about products as popular among Russians as a number of wines, beer, perfumes and decorative cosmetics. An increase in duties on farm equipment, refrigerators, footwear and other goods is also planned.

Despite the fact that the amount of the new duties is still unknown, experts are already forecasting rates up to prohibitive.

According to expert, Interportfolio company chief and OPORA board member Alexei Kanevsky, once taken, these measures are likely to inflict a “serious blow” on Russian consumers.

He suggested that the goods would rise sharply in price, or disappear from store shelves altogether. Against the background of a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, products may turn out to be unnecessary in Russia.

& # 8220; Most likely, the products .. will slowly leave the market “, – quotes Kanevsky radio & # 8220; KP & # 8221;.

Moreover, nothing will be found to replace it in the next ten years, he added, citing export wine and beer as an example. # 8221;. But in this case, there is no need to compare it with the original drink from Germany or France, ”Kanevsky believes.

He also said that thousands of people could be left out of work as the market will start to leave transportation, trading companies and manufacturers.

Today, the department recalled that in June, the EU extended by three years restrictions on the import of certain Russian steel products to the countries Union.

For example, supplies that exceed a certain quota are subject to a 25% duty. And according to the WTO agreement, Russia in response can suspend trade concessions by doing so to the extent that damage has been done to Russian exporters.

Experts from the ministry Industry and Commerce explained to the media that the ratification of the retaliatory measure may in fact include a unilateral increase by the Russian side of import tariffs on certain types of products, however , they did not specify what type of goods they were talking about.

The second option retaliatory measures could be “suspension”; tariff preferences compared to the EU, “explained the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Officials assure that these measures cannot be characterized as sanctions, but they will work until the EU protective measure is lifted.

As Topnews previously wrote, Russia may introduce new taxes on purchases in online stores.

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