Experts: European Union baseless demand from Russia for 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of import substitution

 Experts: EU baseless demand from Russia 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of import substitution

Economist Leonid Khazanov recalled to opponents the rules of the WTO.

Russian experts reject accusations previously made by the European Union. The latter seized the WTO with a demand of 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of “discrimination” against European products.

In a way like “violence”; import substitution was named for the same amount.

In response, a number of Russian economists point out that the Russian program to replace imports with domestic products is not at odds with world trade rules.

As he explained in an interview with & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; independent expert Leonid Khazanov, the approach used by national economists is practically equal to that practiced in the US, China and the EU itself.

He explained that all of these countries are trying to increase the share of domestic products in the overall industrial structure.

This is done using various methods.

“Starting with the introduction of trade barriers and ending with the organization of purchases for strategic industries by creating their conditions for their manufacturers”, – said the & # 39; Expert


Thus, Russia cannot be accused of imposing and forcing the localization of production.

The publication also recalled the words of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, who described the import substitution as a response to Western sanctions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that according to a number of media outlets Russia & # 8220; failed & # 8221; food import substitution program.


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