Eternal flame is extinguished at Chisinau military memorial after failed gas negotiations with Russia

 The eternal flame is extinguished at the Chisinau military memorial after the failed gas negotiations with Russia. In Moldova, due to the gas crisis, there was a temporary shutdown of the blue fuel supply of the Eternal Flame at the Memorial of Military Glory in Chisinau.

According to & # 8220; Interfax & # 8221; with reference to the Moldovan Ministry of Defense, the department asked the company & # 8220; Chisinau-Gaz & # 8221; about stopping the gas at Eternal Flame due to pressure drop due to pressure drop in gas supply lines, as well as due to A strong wind that can put out the fire.

The department recalled the emergency regime established from October 22 to November 20 by the Parliament of Moldova due to the situation in the energy sector.

Thus, the Ministry of Defense is convinced that a gas leak that could threaten security must be avoided.

& # 8220; The fire will remain extinguished until the gas crisis is resolved ' & # 8211; said in the message of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova.

At present, the Eternal Flame gas supply in Chisinau has been restored. This is reported by the Moldova 1 TV channel with reference to the Prime Minister of the country Natalia Gavrilitsa.

According to her, the gas supply was restored a few hours after the shutdown, and she called the situation with the shutdown a technical error, pointing out that The Eternal Flame should not be linked to calls from the country's leaders to save gas.

Against this background, it became known about the unsuccessful completion of the two-day gas negotiations between Russia and Moldova with the participation of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak, a well-informed source wrote to RIA Novosti.

He noted that the Russian Federation offered a 25% discount, and for this, Moldova must repay the accumulated debt of around $ 700 million within three years, and these payments do not take into account the fuel supplied. in Transnistria.

However, Chisinau insisted on a 50% discount and indicated a lack of funds.

“Historic debt is a very large debt that we do not recognize. We don't think this should be part of the gas contract negotiations. This is a topic for a separate conversation, it should be discussed in a different context, “Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilica said on Moldova 1 airwaves. She is quoted by RIA Novosti.

Reminder that from October 1, 2021 of the year & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; extended the contract with Chisinau for the supply of gas for a month, while the price rose to $ 790 for 1,000 cubic meters.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Russia had made a request from the EU for the supply of gas. In this regard, it became known details of gas supplies via & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221 ;.


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