Elon Musk's fortune plummeted by $ 50 billion in two days

Elon Musk's fortune shrunk by $ 50 billion in two days

The billionaire lost more in one day than Bezos on the entire divorce.

Electric car maker Tesla founder, businessman and inventor Elon Musk lost around $ 50 billion in two days.

The reason for the decline in earnings for the richest man in history was a survey in which Musk asked Twitter users whether he should sell 10% of the shares in the company. business. As a result, 3 million 519 thousand 252 people decided to participate in the vote, of which 57.9% voted in favor.

The Tesla Share Selling Survey received 115,000 likes, was reposted 36,500 times, and received 48,800 comments.

The owner of Tesla himself has said he intends to take people's advice. Musk said he doesn't get a salary in his businesses, so the only way to pay taxes is & # 8211; it's about selling stocks.

According to Bloomberg, the fall in the company's stock prices continued for two days, during which Musk lost $ 50 billion.

At the moment, the difference between Elon Musk & # 39; s state and the capital of Internet owner – Jeff Bezos & # 39; s Amazon company is $ 83 billion.

Recall that the latter lost an impressive portion of his income of $ 36 billion after a highly publicized divorce from his wife Mackenzie.

As Forbes points out, citing data from the Forbes Real -Time Rating, Musk's fortune is currently at $ 271 billion, which still leaves him in the position of the man on the richest in the world. the world. Bezos remains in second place with $ 205.9 billion.

Earlier, Topnews reported that Musk became the richest man in history with $ 289 billion.

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