Economist Delyagin warned Russians with deposits against the next 'big collapse' in the dollar

Economist Delyagin warned Russians with deposits about next 'big' dollar collapse

Expert Mikhail Delyagin explained what lies ahead for the Russians – the holders of ruble deposits.

The famous Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, in an interview with the media, made a forecast on a new crisis which could arise in Russia.

On the Aurora YouTube channel, he explained that a collapse in the US stock market cannot be ruled out.

In the event of such a development of events, the whole world would find itself in a crisis, which could affect Russia.

The expert said that the fall of the US market will inevitably lead to an increase in the value of the dollar, and among the holders of ruble deposits in Russia might start to panic.

The ruble can & # 8220; sink a little & # 8221; in price, predicts the economist, because all products on the shelves of Russian stores have a value component that is expressed in dollars.

& # 8220; Therefore, it will seem to many that this currency exchange would be the right decision & # 8221;, – predicts Delyagin, adding that buying the US currency could become a fatal mistake.

The reason is that after the rise, the dollar will start to fall in prices, and then its indicators will normalize.

In the end, the only winners will be the Russians who are not inclined to panic. They will be able to maintain the same level of their savings.

In favor of the normalization of the dollar, he argues that the state of the US economy, which is in a recession, and its recovery at his previous positions could take many years.

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