“Drinking blood”: the President of the Russian Federation condemned the work of banks

Vladimir Putin said that he expects a more responsible attitude towards loans to pensioners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on banks to stop “drinking people's blood to the grave”.

According to RIA Novosti, the subject of interim bankruptcy has been raised during a meeting with the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Russian leader drew attention to the need to take into account the financial situation in which citizens find themselves.

According to Putin, banks “easily and with pleasure” give Russians borrow for small amounts, but subsequently become eternal debtors of credit institutions.

“Banks…drink people's blood to the grave,” Putin said.

Russia's president has called for an end to this process. Speaking about lending to retirees, he said he expects banks to take a more responsible approach to consumer lending.

Earlier, Topnews wrote than the transactions of 45 banks using foreign capital in their activities.

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