Cellular operators in Russia raise prices for mobile communications

Mobile operators in Russia are increasing prices for mobile communications

The cost of archiving plans will increase by 10%.

In Russia, mobile operators in 2022 increase the cost of archiving tariffs. On average, the price of mobile communications will increase by 10-12% this year. The operators themselves explain that this is due to rising equipment costs and the growth of mobile traffic.

Kommersant publication found that in the near future the cost of plans VimpelCom's archiving will increase by 10%.

Then MegaFon raises prices, and later Tele2. Since January of this year, prices for MTS tariffs have increased: by an average of 60 rubles.

Vympelcom has announced that it will change the cost of archive plans, and subscriptions to in advance warn them by offering them new services. So far, the company has about 40 archive tariffs.

Prior to VimpelCom, MTS also offered its subscribers a choice of services. This mobile operator explained that the cost of building networks has increased in the country, the prices of electricity and external contractors have increased.

MTS was the first to establish the upward trend.

“As a rule, operators look at each other and do not dare to raise prices first among competitors”, – say the experts.

Services and legal requirements are becoming more and more expensive, for example, the implementation of the Yarovaya law.

Experts confirm that mobile operators will increase prices to bring them into line with current realities. Some tariffs have worked for 5-6 years. With the help of a price increase, companies will push subscribers to change their tariff. In addition, some tariffs will be cheaper than the old ones.

By the way, in 2021 the services of mobile operators increased by 2%, in 2022 by 10-12%. Meanwhile, the most expensive services are in Chechnya, Dagestan, and the cheapest are in Moscow, Magadan, Sakhalin, etc.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Russians have warned of rising food prices. The cost of meat, semi-finished products and sausages will increase several times – from 7 to 20%, according to experts.

Retail chains report that this is due to the rising cost of raw materials and packaging.

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