Retirees who received January payments before the New Year were disappointed

before The retiree & # 39; s New Years payment in January was disappointed

Retirees have already been receiving allowances since December of last year.

Elderly Russians were amazed at the meager pension benefits, which began to be paid at the end of December 2021.

Recall that from January 1, 2022, the indexation of pensions started in Russia, which was supposed to be 5.9%. At the same time, many Russians hoped for a significant increase.

As a result, according to PRIMPRESS, some retirees in the regions received from 590 to 750 rubles. The publication cites the example of a pensioner Elena, who said that she received an additional 600 rubles, and now her pension was only 9,800 rubles.

Another retiree, Olga, said that with 40 years of experience, her 2022 pension, with the allowance, was only 13,500 rubles. For others, the situation is hardly better.

In general, retirees expected an increase of at least 1000 rubles, given that the prices of some products rose by almost 50%.

But they may be calm retirees from Moscow. According to RIA Novosti, the minimum pension for inactive retirees in the capital reached 21,193 rubles.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on indexation – the municipal surcharge for pensioners and social benefits for residents increased by 4.8%.

< p> According to recent estimates, 2.1 million Muscovites will pay the surcharge. As a reminder: the last time the pension in the capital was significantly increased a year ago, also in January. Then it rose to 20,222 rubles.

As of January 2022, insurance pensions for inactive Russians have been indexed by 5.9%. Their average size is 18,521 rubles. In 2023 and 2024, the indexation will be 5.6% and 5.5%.

Presumably, the amount of pensions will reach 19,476 rubles and 20,469 rubles.

In January 2020, the average pension insurance reached 16,789 rubles.

Recall that Vladimir Putin said at a press conference that the Pension indexation should equal the rate of inflation. Apparently the government is doing everything for this, the president said in his speech.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the internet has compared Russians' pensions with celebrity payments that occur at company New Year's parties.

< p> To earn money from 80 to 400 thousand rubles, a retiree has to save it for about 100 years and not spend it on anything.


For the first time since November, the dollar exchange rate exceeded 75 rubles

Exchange rate dollar for the first time since November exceeded 75 rubles

The rate of the euro exceeded 85 rubles.

On the Moscow Stock Exchange on the last trading day of the outgoing year, the ruble fell.

The collapse of the Russian currency against the world's major currencies happened before the November lows.

So, on the afternoon of December 30, the dollar was trading around 74.69 rubles per dollar, euro & # 8211; 84.51 rubles.

At the highest, currencies were worth 74.87 and 84.66 rubles, respectively.

the level of 8.39%.

Oil prices have stopped below $ 80 a barrel Brent.

Investors, in turn, are concerned about the rapid spread of the omicron strain of the coronavirus.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the dollar rate collapsed in December 2020.

At that time, bank analysts believed that the decline in the US dollar would continue.


The State Duma introduced a bill on the annual payment before the New Year to retirees

B State Duma introduced bill on annual payment before New Year to retirees

Liberal Democrat faction submitted bill to State Duma for exam.

LDPR deputies submitted to the State Duma a bill proposing additional payments to retirees before the New Year.

The corresponding document was published in the database electronic data of the State Duma.

The authors of the initiative were LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a number of deputies from his faction, Senators Elena Afanasyeva and Irina Kozhanova.

According to the project, those who receive insurance pensions, state support pensions and & # 8220; military pensions & # 8221; will be subject to an additional payment.

It is proposed that the amount of such a payment be equal to the same amount of the pension itself, due to the citizen at the time of receipt of payment.

According to the explanatory note, real pensions have been reduced in Russia for many consecutive years, and inflation negatively affects the income of retirees in Russia.

On New Year's Eve, when gifts are bought and food is prepared for the holidays, retirees, MPs say, need support.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Russians had been made aware of n new rules for paying pensions in 2022. These included processing payments without request.


Russians have been told about new pension payment rules in 2022

The Russians have been informed of the new rules for the payment of pensions in 2022

These included the recording of certain payments on an unannounced basis.

The media reported that from January 1, 2022, new rules for the payment of pensions will come into force, which had previously been approved by the Ministry of Labor.

As reported by & # 8220; Rossiyskaya Gazeta ', one of the most important rules has become the ban on withholding a pension if a retiree is declared bankrupt.

As the expert on the publication explained, this category of citizens often cannot afford the borrowed amount, and now it will be impossible to withhold funds from the pension according to court documents.

The rules also include an algorithm of actions that must be performed when issuing and receiving social benefits, and for which Russians do not have to write a dossier of application and submit documents.

For example, the registration of early retirement in the event of the dismissal of an employee or the closure of the organization will be carried out by employees of the employment services. They will themselves make proposals on the appointment of payments.

Social supplements, as well as pensions for disabled people will be granted without request from citizens.

More advantageous payments for Russians who receive a pension or survival insurance.

For rural retirees, the supplement to the place of residence will be saved when leaving the place of residence.

Also, unless otherwise regulated, & # 8220; WG & # 8221; clarifies that from the new year, the PFR will report on the probable amount of old-age pensions for two categories of Russians & # 8211; men over 45 and women over 40. This will be done three times a year.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the 13th pension may appear in Russia, which will be awarded before the New Year.

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Russians warned of biggest currency reform in 30 years

warned on biggest monetary reform in 30 years

Central Bank analyst recounted its steps.

The Deputy Director of the Central Bank, Olga Skorobogatova, said that immediately after the holidays, the biggest monetary reform in the country will begin, comparing its magnitude only with the reforms of the 90s.

According to the expert, the Central Bank intends to introduce the digital ruble to the country's money market … So in winter the Russians will be able to pay with digital banknotes.

Pilot projects will start working with such banking operations in January. In addition, in the first stage 12 credit agencies will be involved, said Skorobogatova.

The Rrimpress edition writes about it.

In the first stage of testing, only banks willing to cooperate will be able to log into the use of the new currency format, and in 2023 individuals will be able to make money transfers in digital rubles, said the financier.

Transfers between legal persons, individuals and the state will follow, after which the federal treasury will connect to them.

According to Skorobogatova, The reform will end when currency and digital exchange become possible.

She believes that using digital rubles for citizens won't be any more difficult than using cards and cash, which helps to save money. perform offline transfers.

Topnews explained how, according to media reports, the Central Bank will control Russians' money transfers from January 1, 2022.


The media explained how the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will control all money transfers from Russians from January 1

 The media have explained how the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will control all money transfers from Russians from January 1

The regulator will start asking to the data banks on all money transfers between people.

The Russian financial regulator has sent banks a new declaration form regarding citizens' money transfers.

According to the updated documents, the Bank of Russia will request information on all transfers between individuals, including the personal data of the sender and the recipient.

According to experts, such a measure is necessary to combat illegal online casinos, crypto exchangers and businesses that accept personal card payments.

RBC writes about this, referring to three sources in the payments market.

As Oleg Mashtalyar, the deputy head of the board of directors of Sovcombank, told the publication that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will start such monitoring as of January 1, 2022.

The main objective of the innovation will be to optimize the data provided by banks, as well as to obtain up-to-date information on payments.

The information will be used for market analysis.

Depending on the details, the reporting will include all incoming and outgoing transfers between individuals:

  • from card to card;
  • from account to account;
  • from electronic wallet to electronic wallet, from card to wallet and vice versa;
  • from the subscriber & # 39; s wallet or card account and vice versa;
  • payments through the fast payment system;
  • cross-border transfers by individuals;
  • money transfers without opening an account, including through payment terminals;
  • transfers from an individual between their own accounts in a bank;
  • transfers via money transfer systems eg Western Union, CONTACT.

Requests will start to form for all transfers within a certain time frame.

In some cases, the regulator may receive information on specific transactions.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation notes that over 9 months of the outgoing year, the Russians transferred around 42.5 trillion rubles to each other by cards. About 8.5 billion transactions have been completed.

Above all, Sberbank is present in the market in this regard, thanks to which more than 0.8 billion transfers worth 4.7 trillion rubles have been made since the beginning of 2021 .

According to experts, such control by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is aimed at tracking suspicious transactions, which include:

  • An unusually high number of people both as payers and fund recipients (more than 10 per day and more than 50 per month).
  • An unusually high number of credit and debit transactions (more than 30 transactions per day).
  • Large volumes of debit and credit transactions of funds between individuals (more than 100,000 rubles per day, more than 1 million rubles per month).
  • The card or wallet is not used to pay for goods or services.

Previously, TopNews wrote that the tax office has started tracking data on Russians' accounts.

According to experts, innovations will hit the pockets of independent citizens.

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Experts: European Union baseless demand from Russia for 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of import substitution

 Experts: EU baseless demand from Russia 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of import substitution

Economist Leonid Khazanov recalled to opponents the rules of the WTO.

Russian experts reject accusations previously made by the European Union. The latter seized the WTO with a demand of 290 billion euros, accusing Moscow of “discrimination” against European products.

In a way like “violence”; import substitution was named for the same amount.

In response, a number of Russian economists point out that the Russian program to replace imports with domestic products is not at odds with world trade rules.

As he explained in an interview with & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; independent expert Leonid Khazanov, the approach used by national economists is practically equal to that practiced in the US, China and the EU itself.

He explained that all of these countries are trying to increase the share of domestic products in the overall industrial structure.

This is done using various methods.

“Starting with the introduction of trade barriers and ending with the organization of purchases for strategic industries by creating their conditions for their manufacturers”, – said the & # 39; Expert


Thus, Russia cannot be accused of imposing and forcing the localization of production.

The publication also recalled the words of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, who described the import substitution as a response to Western sanctions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that according to a number of media outlets Russia & # 8220; failed & # 8221; food import substitution program.


Former French Prime Minister convicted of corruption has joined SIBUR leadership in place of Putin's son-in-law

The ex-Prime Minister of France, convicted of corruption, has joined the leadership of & ldquo; SIBUR & rdquo; in place of & ldquo; Putin's son-in-law & rdquo;

This decision was taken at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of PJSC SIBUR Holding.

Former French Prime Minister François Fillon, previously convicted of corruption, has become a member of the board of directors of & # 8220; Sibur & # 8221 ;.

The corresponding decision was taken following the results of an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of PJSC & # 8220; SIBUR Holding & # 8221; held on December 17th.

Recall that François Fillon led the French government under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Now he will occupy the post of independent director and will be a member of one of the committees.

By his presence he will replace Kirill Shamalov, who was previously qualified in the media of & # 39; ex-son of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Recall that in 2021, a Paris court found François Fillon guilty of embezzlement of budgetary funds with a fictitious arrangement of his wife as an assistant in parliament.

He was fined 375 thousand euros, as well as five years in prison, including two years in prison.

His wife was found to be an accomplice in the crime and sentenced to a similar afu sentence and three years in prison.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that & # 8220; Putin's former son-in-law & # 8221; took up arms against journalists.

He criticized the media, accusing them of discrediting by publishing the buyout of the shares of & # 8220; Sibur & # 8221; for $ 100.

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From January 1, 2022, one-off and monthly payments will increase: who will get and how much?

 From January 1, 2022, one-time and monthly payments will increase: who will get and how much?

The media has found out who and how much can receive in 2022.

Payments to retirees in December 2021: the latest news

In 2022, Russians will be able to receive new payments, and existing ones will increase.

So, Russians who have pension savings even before the New Year in December can receive 19,000 rubles. In addition, citizens will be able to receive them either immediately, all at once, or partly in small amounts over several months.

Beneficiaries can be women over 55 and men over 60 years old. The amount is different and depends on the seniority and the number of pension points.

Payments for children from January 1, 2022: who is entitled

In 2022, the amount of allowances for families with children, both monthly and lump sum, will be indexed.

From January 1, 2022, the minimum wage will increase, which will amount to 13,890 rubles, so some social benefits will increase, which depend on the average income of Russians.

As Life specifies, the allowance for looking after a child up to 1.5 years old, which is calculated based on the average salary of a parent for two years ( 40%, but not less than the minimum wage) will increase. In February, the payment at birth will also be indexed & # 8211; 19,981 rubles.

Maternity allowance payments, maternity capital and use of allowances in 2022

The amount of maternity allowances for unemployed women, according to the minimum wage, will also increase & # 8211; it can amount to 13,890 rubles.

By the way, the pregnancy allowance and the lump sum payment on the birth of a child will be charged without a claim.

In addition, according to the family air travel subsidy rules, families with children can purchase plane tickets at special rates at low prices.

To use the privilege you must purchase tickets with a joint reservation for an adult and a child, from the documents for this you will need a passport and a birth certificate.

Experts of the publication specify that the maximum possible price of the ticket is 4,600 & # 8211; 10,900 rubles depending on the route, the total number of which is included in the profit & # 8211; 46 internal departments.

From February 1, 2022, the size of the mother capital will be increased, which will amount to 503,237 rubles for the first child and up to 665,009 for the second baby. > Payments to low-income families from January 1, 2022

The FIU also introduces a monthly payment to low-income families in which a second child is born or adopted in the period from January 1, 2018. It is made from maternal capital funds, and is provided up to until the baby is three years old. The measure will come into force on January 1. Its size will be equal to the subsistence minimum for children, which is fixed in the region at the time of application.

The document can be submitted during the three years of infancy of the child. After a year, the procedure will have to be repeated. The condition for parents is permanent residence in the Russian Federation, Russian citizenship of the mother and the second child, the date of birth of the baby no earlier than January 1, 2018, and the total family income is not more than double the level of subsistence in the region.

Media News2

As previously reported by Topnews, the FIU explained how to get a lump sum from pension savings.