Bloomberg: New US Sanctions Against Russia Could Affect Exchange Rate

Bloomberg: New US Sanctions Against Russia Could Affect Exchange Rate

It has become known the condition under which further restrictive measures can be introduced against our country.

The United States and the European Union are currently considering the possibility of introducing tough new sanctions against Russia.

The restrictive package provides for serious restrictions on foreign exchange.

Such a scenario, according to the West, can be implemented if Russia & # 8220; attack & # 8221; to Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable sources, Russia's biggest banks and even RDIF could fall under sanctions.

The most likely restrictions are that American journalists refer to the transfer of rubles to other currencies, including the euro and the British pound.

Perhaps the most drastic solution is to deny Russia access to the SWIFT system, but this, according to Bloomberg, will hurt ordinary Russians.

The journalists' interlocutors are convinced that the head of the American White House, Joe Biden, could voice the question of imposing such severe sanctions on Vladimir Putin in a conversation on December 7.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Dmitry Peskov commented on the news about a tough new US sanctions package.

The official Kremlin spokesman described this information as & # 8220; information hysteria '.


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