Bloomberg: EU discusses sanctions against Aeroflot due to migration crisis on Belarus-EU border

 Bloomberg: EU discusses sanctions against Aeroflot due to migration crisis on Belarus-EU border /> </p>
<p> Bloomberg and The Times report Worsening Euro-Belarus relations. </p>
<p> The European Union intends to impose sanctions on airlines as part of measures against Belarus amid the migration crisis which broke on the Belarusian-Polish border. </p>
<p> This is a set of restrictive measures that will be introduced against Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines. </p>
<p>Bloomberg reported this, which received data from an anonymous EU official. </p>
<p> Related The information was previously announced by Reuters, which reported on preparations for EU sanctions measures against 30 natural and legal persons, including Belarusian airline Belavia and an official, whom the EU accuses of organizing the arrival of refugees from the Middle East to the Belarusian border with a number of states. </p>
<p>Bloomberg clarifies that they want to apply the sanctions to carriers that hire planes carrying migrants. The time to introduce measures may already be the beginning of December. </p>
<p>As Topnews wrote, the crisis on the border of the Republic of Belarus and EU countries began in the spring, but entered a new phase on November 8, when refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of other countries attempted to cross the Polish border chanting: & # 8220; Germany ! & # 8221 ;. </p>
<p> The migrant camp is located on the Belarusian side. Poland brought the armed forces and police back to the border, and Lithuania introduced an emergency regime to the country. </p>
<p> At present, there are around 400,000 refugees near the Belarusian-Polish border. </p>
<p>As the British newspaper The Times reports, Germany and Poland see a Russian trace in this crisis, declaring that Putin has no intention of interfering in Lukashenka's actions. , since it is more profitable for him to ignore the & # 8220; antics & # 8221; Minsk. </p>
<p> According to analyst Mark Bennetts, the Russian leader does not need to organize such “provocations” on his own, it is easier to let the situation follow its course and not to interfere with Lukashenko and his adventures. </p>
<p>The expert calls the Belarusian leader “cruel dictator” who “defeated the people's project” and declares himself capable of “wreaking havoc” without resorting to aid of Moscow. </p>
<p> Bennetts points out that Lukashenko needs Russian loans, but he is not a Kremlin puppet. </p>
<p> Russian Federation Military Air Base in Belarus , sanctions against & # 8220; Putin & # 39; s Favorite Edition & # 8221; & # 8211; & # 8220; KP & # 8221;. </p>
<p> Bennetts reminded readers that Minsk is just doing & # 39; Execute the expressed threats to flood Europe with refugees in response to the sanctions against Ryanair imposed by the EU in May. </p>
<p> “C & # 39; is much easier for Putin… make the most of the chaos at the EU border in the calculation of & # 8230; on disagreements between Western countries “, believes the expert. </p>
<p> Recall that Warsaw is considering the option of a complete border closure with Belarus. </p>
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