The UN has called for a way to ensure the passage of ships carrying grain from Ukraine

The UN has named a way to ensure the passage of ships carrying grain from Ukraine

UN Secretary General Guterres commented this information.

UN Secretary General António Guterres has made a proposal to mitigate the export of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus, demanding in exchange the passage of ships carrying grain from Ukrainian ports.

Turkey and a number of other countries are also involved in the negotiation process, since Ankara can directly participate in customs clearance from ports, as well as the supply of maritime traffic.

According to Wall Street Journal sources, the purpose of the agreement is to alleviate the food crisis, in which the Western anti-Russian sanctions were imposed specifically on the export of potash fertilizers from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

And in the context of the special military operation of Russia in L' Ukraine, the latter has had difficulties with the delivery of domestic grain to world markets.

Guterr es himself, commenting on the information from the WSJ, he only noted that at the moment, indeed, discussions are underway on this subject with the participation of Ankara and Vienna.

However, he doesn't divulge any details he didn't, otherwise the deal could be jeopardized and not happen at all.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that for the first time since the beginning of the Russian operation, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a declaration on Ukraine.


McDonald's is still leaving Russia, the media found out what will happen to the brand

McDonald's leaves Russia, the media has found out what will become of the brand

They are looking for a buyer for the company of a fast food chain.

The world's largest fast food chain, McDonald's, is leaving Russia. Previously, the owners had suspended their activities in Russia due to the Ukrainian special operation. A month and a half later, the McDonald's office decided to sell the entire Russian business.

The McDonald's report says the issue of selling the business to Russia has been difficult to resolve. But the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian special operation in Ukraine and the “unpredictability of the operating environment” led the company to consider that owning a business in Russia is not “not feasible”.

McDonald's also said in a statement that business in Russia no longer aligns with their values. Management also announced the sale of the business, and only to a Russian buyer.

McDonald's reports that the new buyer's restaurants will not be able to use their menu and branding, but the company plans to keep its brands in Russia.

McDonald's calculated that due to the exit from the Russian market, they would have to write off $1.2-1.4 billion .

A TASS company source said that in mid-June McDonald's will reopen in Russia under a new brand. The restaurant chain, menus and jobs will remain.

Recall that McDonald's in Russia employs nearly 62,000 people. Another 100,000 people work in supplier companies.

Insiders say more than 90% of McDonald's suppliers are Russian. They plan to continue working with them.

“In fact, only the name will leave”, – say knowledgeable sources.

Recall that McDonald's has been operating in Russia for more than 30 years. The first cafe opened on January 31, 1990 in Moscow.

McDonald's accounted for about 25% of the restaurant industry's tax revenue.

As Topnews reports; wrote earlier, in March this year, media sources became aware of the withdrawal of Google employees from Russia. This was done on the eve of the blocking of Youtube in the Russian Federation.

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Renault plant to resume production of Moskvich cars in Moscow

The factory Moscow Renault to resume production of

This was stated by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that the Renault plant in Moscow will become the property of the capital.

According to him, the enterprise will be used for the production of cars, as before.

Thus, the authorities intend to resume the production of cars of the Moskvich brand.

The mayor explained that the decision was taken after the former owner of the car ;factory, Renault represented by CJSC “ Renault Russia”, announced the closure of the company.

“It's his right,” – Sobianine said.

He added that authorities in the capital will do everything possible to ensure that factory workers do not lose their jobs. Thus, the idea arose to transfer the household brand to the city's balance and renovate it.

Shortly before that, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that all Russian assets of the French company would become state property.

Thus, with the exception of the Moscow plant, the share of Renault in AvtoVAZ, which represents 67.69% of the automaker's shares, will be transferred to FSUE NAMI. And the remaining shares of “AvtoVAZp” The state company “Rostec” will retain it.

As for the maintenance of cars, Renault service in Russia will be entrusted to “AvtoVAZ”, which will continue to produce models Lada.

The department explained that the French company has the right to buy back the share for another six years.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the boss of Renault and Nissan , Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Japan.

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Experts called the ruble exchange rate, which will “tear” the budget of the Russian Federation

Experts appointed course ruble, which will

According to experts, the strengthening of the ruble could harm the Russian economy.

Analyst of the financial group Finam Andrey Maslov, in an interview with the media, pointed out the danger of too high an exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar.

According to the agency “ First” quoting him, now the ruble exchange rate is approaching 65 units per dollar, which means that in the current export-oriented economy, there may be problems with maintaining the trade balance. The latter assumes a weak ruble.

According to Maslov, despite the fact that the Central Bank lowered the rate to 14%, the ruble continues to strengthen. The reason for this is the fall in imports, which has distorted the trade balance.

Exports, even in a reduced version, outweigh imports, and “seriously support” Russian national currency.

In addition, the ruble is no longer one of the “freely convertible” currency: transactions with it are prohibited for foreign investors, they are not allowed to trade.

At the same time, the Central Bank has taken strict measures to control the outflow of currency from Russia.

< p>Maslov explained that achieving the 60 ruble units per dollar is unlikely, as the Russian budget will suffer.

“The Russian budget will 'burst' and go into deficit”, he believes .

According to Maslov, the optimal rate is about 80 rubles per dollar. He pointed out that analysts of the Bank of Russia also draw such conclusions, because recently the regulator tried to prevent further strengthening of the ruble.

For example, the key rate is reduced and a number of the restrictions are lifted.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the expert named the real price of the dollar.


“They are organizing the requisition of food and starvation”: Lavrov explained the blocking of ships carrying wheat in the ports of Ukraine

“Process of appropriation and starvation”: Lavrov explained the blocking of ships carrying wheat in Ukrainian ports

Biden announced the search for a opportunity to deliver 20 million tonnes of grain.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during a briefing in the capital of Oman, said that the Ukrainian authorities were blocking dozens of ships in their ports, including heavy cargoes of wheat.

According to the diplomat, kyiv is thwarting all Russian attempts to withdraw ships along the humanitarian corridors. At the same time, wheat must be delivered to various countries of the world, according to “Izvestia”.

Lavrov explained that the exit routes of ships from the ports are mined, so they cannot leave without kyiv's consent. And the proposals to create corridors for the withdrawal of these ships with the necessary goods “are ignored by Russia.

“The Ukrainian side does not cooperate, and its Western masters do not react in any way to this…explained the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said the country was trying to export 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine.

The politician recalled the spike in food prices, which have reached record values.

Biden thinks the reasons are that Russia and Ukraine – the world's largest grain and corn suppliers.

“We are exploring ways to bring this grain back to the world market,” Biden told CNBC.

According to Politico, U.S. lawmakers have urged the Biden administration to create a black sea gum that could The stranded ships would come out.

Media says local farmers simply won't get zero where to store the new crop. And the maritime corridor remains the only option to overcome the crisis.

Lawmakers are convinced of the need to provide enough food in the face of “exorbitant global costs of food and delivery”. And Washington has a “narrow action window”; in the context of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

In turn, State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said that it was the United States that was prolonging hostilities in Ukraine and “satisfied” in the country “requisition surplus and starvation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in early April, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev urged compatriots not to buy products from “hostile countries” .


Media: 20 companies in Europe have opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

Media: 20 companies in Europe opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

In this context, it became known that several Gazprom subsidiaries in Germany had stopped receiving gas from Russia.

According to US media, 20 accounts of European companies have already been opened with Gazprombank.

With their help, Russian gas consumers intend to pay for blue fuel in rubles.

According to Bloomberg citing knowledgeable sources, the same number of European companies that previously had opened accounts with Gazprombank joined the 10 European companies that had previously opened accounts with Gazprombank.

In addition, 14 other companies requested the necessary data in order to open accounts with Gazprombank. Gazprombank in the future.

It is reported that these companies will pay for Russian gas in foreign currency.

The names of 20 companies that have opened accounts with Gazprombank are not specified.

In this context, it is reported that the former daughter of several “Gazprom” Gazprom Germania GmbH does not receive gas after the imposition of sanctions against Western companies in Russia.

According to German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek , the market is able to compensate for the shortage of gas from Russia, and Germany has found an alternative supplier. At the same time, he did not specify the details, writes TASS.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Gazprombank does not accept gas payments in rubles for the Austria and Germany. According to the media, ruble payments from Gazprom Germania have been rejected.

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The euro fell against the ruble to levels two years ago

Courses the euro crashed against the ruble two years ago

The exchange rate of the European currency fell for the first time to the levels of February 2020, the dollar and the bitcoin are down.

According to the Moscow Stock Exchange, at 11 a.m. the euro exchange rate, after a slight rise at the opening of markets, fell to 69 rubles.

This happened for the first time since February 2020, analysts said. At the opening of the markets, the dollar was valued at 66.93 rubles, the euro – at 71.

According to Forbes, the dollar is also showing a decline, which again fell below 66 rubles.

The European currency at a low of 11:30 (Moscow time ) was equal to 68.25 rubles, which is 3.19% less than according to the data from the Moscow Bridge the day before at the time of closing.

The euro exchange rate is at its lowest since mid-January 2020, falling to below 69 rubles is recorded for the first time since February of the same year.


The dollar at the same time amounted to 65.36 rubles. Recall that on May 5, its price fell to 65.31.

Expert opinions on the further growth of the currency differ.

Thus, according to Andrey Kochetkov, a leading analyst at Otkritie Broker, he said in May, the strengthening of the ruble was influenced by high Russian export earnings, and foreign currency outflows also declined.

According to its forecast, this month the dollar will not rise above 73–74 rubles, but also will not fall below 68–69.

The euro will hold the bar at 72–78 rubles.

As financial analyst Vladislav Antonov explained to the publication, among other factors, the ruble continues to grow thanks to the efforts of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

However, already in the middle of the month the dollar will recover to 80, the euro could – up to 85.

The day before, a drop in the cryptocurrency was recorded. The price of bitcoin has hit an all-time high since June last year. For cryptocurrency they gave 29 thousand dollars.

Earlier Topnews wrote that the expert called the real value of the dollar.

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The expert called the real value of the dollar

Expert named the real value of the dollar< /p> Another specialist explained how much the US currency can cost without support measures in Russia.

Financial expert Yan Marchinsky explained how the ruble exchange rate is formed and what it depends on.

According to him, there are actually “several dollar exchange rates” .

At the same time, the exchange rate depends on the corridor set by officials of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

He said on the radio &#8220 ;Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“The fact that they receive some kind of coordination is another matter. But my personal opinion is that this is a completely and completely fixed rate, and it still has nothing to do with the real exchange rate, which would be in the free market and in the open auctions & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; says the expert.

He noted that if the restrictions of the Russian financial regulator are lifted, a sharp decline will begin and the dollar may exceed 100 rubles.

Then the analyst expects the situation to normalize, as the EU will continue to buy gasoline in rubles.

Thus, the expert calls the level of 90-100 rubles the real ruble exchange rate at the moment.

Against this background, monetary strategist Brendan McKenna said that without support measures from outside, the real dollar exchange rate is 180 rubles.

In an interview with Bloomberg reporters, he said that last April the ruble appreciated by 71% compared to March, when the dollar climbed to 121 rubles.

As a result, thanks to emergency capital controls and other actions by the Russian authorities, the ruble weakened. is strengthened.

At the same time, McKenna notes that the current dollar exchange rate does not show the real purchasing power of the ruble.

Earlier , TopNews wrote that the expert said how much the dollar would cost after m penda nt the holidays.

It has also been reported that exchangers are buying US dollars from Russians at a predatory rate.


Pensioners warned about new rule for withdrawing money from the card

Pensioners have been notified from the new rule withdraw money from the card

Experts recommend withdrawing savings at least once every six months.

The media reports the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, due to which the rules for withdrawing pensions paid on the card have changed.

According to PRIMPRESS, the changes protect citizens . The reason for the court ruling was an incident with a military retiree who had not withdrawn his pension from his bank card for 10 years.

When he attempted to do so, the bank refused him, citing a norm that regulates the rules for receiving pension payments.

According to previous regulations, if a pensioner does not withdraw money from the card for a long time , it is considered not received and the funds are returned to the bank.

They agreed to give him money only for three years.

The new Constitutional Court ruling not only restored the pensioner's rights to receive statutory payments, but also introduced a rule that would allow everyone else to receive funds six months later and more late.

However, the publication's experts point out that it is better to cash out the accumulated money at least once every six months to avoid unnecessary problems.< /p >

As Topnews wrote earlier, the retirement terms are named after the “former” retirement age.


WSJ: China's Lenovo and Xiaomi quietly scale back Russian operations to avoid sanctions

WSJ: China's Lenovo and Xiaomi are tacitly reducing business in Russia to avoid sanctions

companies are always on the move.

Many Chinese OEMs stop working in the Russian market. The reason is the pressure of US sanctions.

According to a Wall Street Journal columnist, Chinese IT companies do not officially announce their withdrawal from Russia, but in fact they are reducing the supply of products to the Russian Federation.

The list of these companies already includes Lenovo Group Ltd. and Xiaomi Corp.

Despite calls from Chinese authorities not to succumb to Western influence, led by the United States, Chinese companies are still following their lead.< /p>

It is known that equipment suppliers of Chinese companies have put forward the obligation not to supply goods with microcircuits produced by them to the Russian Federation, threatening to take appropriate measures in case of violation of the requirements. For example, log out of the software.

As a result, already in March, according to the publication, Lenovo stopped shipments of its products to the Russian Federation.

Products Xiaomi have completely halted shipments only in the past two weeks, although there was some reduction in volumes earlier.

But drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co has officially announced the suspension of the supply of products and activities in Russia and Ukraine.< /p>

Accusations of the company's address regarding the alleged supply of equipment for the #39;Russian special operation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that China called Russia's toughest response to Western sanctions.

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