Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine during repeated missile attacks by Russian armed forces

Forbes described three tragic scenarios for Ukraine in the event of a repeat of missile attacks by the RF armed forces

The publication lists the most vulnerable objects of the energy structure.

Forbes estimates that in the event of a repeat of massive RF Armed Forces attacks on energy infrastructure, there are three tragic scenarios for Ukraine.

In the material of the British David Hambling, he points out that the energy system of Ukraine created in Soviet times still withstands the onslaught and does not allow cascading blackouts, as is happening. would produce in the United States.

Authorities manage to redirect energy from one part of the country to another when part of the production capacity is lost .

However, the Russian side has moved on to attacks on electricity distribution systems, which poses a much greater danger. Thus, open switchgears, transformers and switches are attacked.

The power outage is inevitable, Hambling believes.

According to his version, in the first scenario, the RF armed forces will attack the transit substations transmitting light from west to east, and the left bank plunges into darkness.

Second scenario – a series of attacks on electricity and substations that will leave the whole of Ukraine without electricity, but for some time.

Finally, the third scenario assumes the development the most difficult of events. Namely, a series of strikes on the open switchgear of nuclear power plants, as well as on the substations that connect the energy system of Ukraine with Europe.

The defeat of these objects will lead to a power outage for a week, the journalist estimates.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described how he will deal with energy problems during the coming winter.


Rebelión: Ukraine was close to tragedy on the eve of winter

Rebeli&oacute ;n: Ukraine was close to a tragedy on the eve of winter

The Spanish edition predicts a difficult period for the Armed Forces of Ukraine until ;in March 2023.

The media believe that Ukraine is in a crisis situation on the eve of winter.

According to Rebelión (Spain) author Fabrizio Casari, Kyiv confidently declares its “imminent victory”; about conflicting Russia, but about 50% of Ukrainians live without electricity due to frequent outages of the resource as part of the “savings” announced by the authorities.

The journalist points out that even before “the& #39;general winter” the streets of the country's settlements are already “strewn with snow”.

He draws the sad conclusion that the authorities still have to deal with a “real tragedy”.

Against the background of the global economic crisis, Kazari stresses, the United States and its allies cannot provide even more aid to Ukraine, and its “not enough”.

Furthermore, the authorities of both the European Union and the States are quite “tired” of “the arrogance of Zelensky”.

The journalist thinks that they “are not ready” great sacrifices.

Kazari believes that intense cold will continue in Ukraine from December to March 2023, and throughout this period the Armed Forces of Ukraine will face great difficulties.

She is already now “disoriented” and only allows herself to enter settlements that were previously abandoned by Russian troops.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, explained why It is precisely the energy infrastructure of Ukraine that is being attacked by the RF armed forces.

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Named products whose price will increase from December 1

Products that will increase in price are appointed from December 1

The economist gave a forecast for the cost of the “New Year” table.

Russian economist Mikhail Belyaev, in an interview with the media, highlighted the groups of products whose prices are expected to increase from December 1.

In an interview with Sputnik Radio, the expert pointed out that the cost of groceries will increase “long-term storage”.

More than others, it will affect those Russians are used to see on the New Year's table.


They will certainly begin to rise in price from the first days of December, the economist is sure, but the growth will be gradual.

The price of fish and delicacies, such as caviar, will rise first and more than the others. Price growth should be expected in the region of 10-15%, according to Belyaev.

Delicate smoked meats (10%), cognac and sparkling wines (10%) may be a close second in terms of cost growth.

As for the prices of products in the fruit and vegetable group, it provides for an increase of 5%.

“All other categories of products holidays will increase in cheaper, ”he said.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in Russia at five – the price of office paper has increased by ten.

Russians are requested to save this resource.

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Bloomberg: Mir payment system crashed

Bloomberg: Mir payment system crashed

The publication summarizes the impact of the sanctions on the alternative payment system.

Bloomberg analysts have come to the conclusion that against the background of the termination of the service of the Russian payment system “Mir” in 6 of the 9 countries it was operating in, the system crashed.

According to experts, Russia has not introduced its alternative to the existing US Visa and European Mastercard due to the refusal of banks to support it against the backdrop of anti-Russian economic sanctions.

Such financial isolation and threats against friendly credit institutions from "unfriendly" country, led to the refusal to serve the “world”; .

Bloomberg sources have indicated that, for the time being, the Central Bank is looking for an alternative.

Viktor Dostov, President of the Russian Association of Market Players of Electronic Money and Money Transfers, quoted by “Kommersant”, explained what caused the refusal of the organizations of credit.

According to him, the fear of secondary sanction authorities outweighs the attractiveness of commission income.

< p>As a result, Russians at the Foreigners are forced to use “partial solutions”, since both “Mir” and foreign Visa and Mastercard are also inaccessible to them.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that since the end of September , banks in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia have suspended their activities with Russian Mir cards.

In addition, the payment system does not work in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, in Kazakhstan. Sri Lanka has not started working with Mir at the stage of negotiations.

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Putin signed the law on a one-time allowance for children

Putin signed the law on the unified allowance for children

The media found out the average amount of the allowance.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the federal law “On universal allowance for pregnant women and citizens with children”. Target – creating a unified system of social support for Russian families with children and reducing the risk of poverty in this category of society.

According to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the document, the new single benefit, which can be obtained by writing a request for the need for support, will cover approximately 10 million beneficiaries.

From now on, a payment will include benefits granted to registered women up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and monthly benefits for one child. Instead, the state will pay a monthly allowance related to the birth and upbringing of a child.

If there are several children under the age of 17 in the family, the allowance will be allocated to each of them separately. The allowance will be paid to the family as soon as the child is born. Recipients must be Russians with citizenship and permanent residence in the Russian Federation.

It is reported that the law will enter into force on January 1 next year. The amount of the allowance depends on the regional subsistence minimum and is also 50, 75 or 100% of it.

In addition, families whose income per person is below the regional subsistence minimum at the place of residence or stay will receive payments. Needs assessment will be conducted on an overall basis, taking into consideration family income, property security and work potential.

In addition, families with lower income at the minimum wage per person will be able to arrange a monthly appointment payment at the expense of mother capital, regardless of the number of children, even if the family does not have a second child.

The Ministry of Labor specifies that the rules for allocating payments will be the same for family allowances for babies 3 – 8 years and 8 – 17 years old.

As for the amount of the allowance, it will be 50, 75 or 100% of the regional PM for children. However, the authors took into account the level of family income per capita and other indicators. The average amount, according to the media, will be 7,000, 10,500 and 14,000 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Putin named the amount of monthly allowance for conscripts.


Politico: EU Freezes €68 Billion in Russian Assets

Politics: the ;EU froze the euro; 68 billion Russian assets

The media published data from an internal EU document.

According to a document published by the European Commission, Belgium has decided to freeze Russian assets worth 50 billion euros, and Luxembourg – of 5.5 billion euros.

According to TASS, citing Politico, which has an internal document, the total amount that fell under the “freeze” amounts to 68 billion euros.

A total of seven EU countries, which include, in addition to the two mentioned above, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Ireland, account for more than 90% of the assets of the Russian Federation which fell under sanctions.

Of this amount, about 33.8 billion euros probably belongs to the national reserve of the Russian Federation, but the exact amount of this part of the “freeze” 8221; unknown.

Earlier, the EU has already said that it is studying the issue of confiscating Russia's reserves, which were previously frozen by it.

The head of the European Commission indicated that the EU does not yet have the necessary international legal framework. It was proposed to use the funds for the restoration of Ukraine.

Austria opposed this, which stated that such solution would only be available if the legal procedures were transparent.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that EU countries disagree on


HeadHunter: The 'wage race' in construction and logistics has begun in Russia

HeadHunter: a wage race in construction and logistics has begun in Russia

The situation is linked to the sanctions policy.

According to a study by job search service HeadHunter, real wages in Russia increased by an average of 6.4% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

The average salary in Russia was 90,500 rubles before taxes.

Employers were forced to launch a “wage race” in the fields of construction and logistics due to a shortage of personnel.

Another trend in penalties, the researchers call the increase in incentives for bonuses and bonuses for managers and experts compared to senior management.

According to analysts, this is due to the increased value of this management due to their activities to overcome the crisis.

The largest increase in the third quarter of 2022 was in employees employed in construction and transport logistics – by 10% and 9%, respectively, or up to 68.8 and 58.6 thousand rubles in wages in monetary terms.

According to researchers' forecasts, if the crisis is prolonged, then in the coming years, state Private enterprises and budgetary institutions will become the main employers.

Scholars also predict a shortage of workers in the labor market and engineers.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the United States had decided to impose sanctions against Iran.

This decision is due to Washington's opinion that Tehran is helping Moscow.


Experts Revealed Why Ukraine Comes Out Of Blackout So Quickly After Missile Attacks

Experts revealed why Ukraine emerges from blackout so quickly after missile strikes

The other day in Kyiv they complained about a massive attack aimed at destroying the energy system, but then Zelensky announced its restoration.

The Russian Armed Forces recently launched a massive missile attack against Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

On November 15, the most powerful attack against the power generation facilities and power transmission systems took place.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry Denis Monastyrsky, more than 30 Ukrainian infrastructures were damaged, but the very next day Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the restoration.

According to him, the November 16, the supply of eight million consumers was restored, while 10 million people were left without electricity.

However, experts are skeptical of the statements of the Ukrainian authorities, noting that Ukrainians are still facing continuous power cuts and living according to schedule, and this has been going on for over a month.

Nevertheless, the country's railways are functioning and the Ukrainian Armed Forces still have access to electricity.

Analysts explain this by the fact that Ukraine has a large safety margin of the energy system, so the destruction of several substations makes it possible to switch to the mode of transferring energy flows through other objects.

However, with each bombardment, these opportunities become fewer and fewer.

After a missile strike, it may turn out that the entire substation has not been disabled, but due to the parallelism of the systems of electrical installations, it allows you to resume power through other lines even if the transformers are destroyed.

According to “Notebook” referring to the Ukrainian analyst Yuri Korolchuk, the situation is affected by the weakening of the electrical system with each attack, the lack of equipment for repairs and the high consumption in the central region of the country. 39;Ukraine.

Currently, only one of the 4 major transformers in Kyiv's energy market remained intact.

At the same time, according to Korolchuk , with a cold spell, it will become much more difficult to restore, and electricity consumption will increase by at least 10%.

“S' there is no electricity for most of the day (18 hours a day), the heat supply system is unlikely to be able to operate normally& #8221 ;, ' 8211; it is safe.

The specialist suggested that Kyiv authorities may raise the topic of evacuation of residents.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that a military expert revealed the reasons for the evacuation massive missile attack by the Russian armed forces on Ukraine.

According to the expert, the attacks are likely to end.


“Drinking blood”: the President of the Russian Federation condemned the work of banks

Vladimir Putin said that he expects a more responsible attitude towards loans to pensioners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on banks to stop “drinking people's blood to the grave”.

According to RIA Novosti, the subject of interim bankruptcy has been raised during a meeting with the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Russian leader drew attention to the need to take into account the financial situation in which citizens find themselves.

According to Putin, banks “easily and with pleasure” give Russians borrow for small amounts, but subsequently become eternal debtors of credit institutions.

“Banks…drink people's blood to the grave,” Putin said.

Russia's president has called for an end to this process. Speaking about lending to retirees, he said he expects banks to take a more responsible approach to consumer lending.

Earlier, Topnews wrote than the transactions of 45 banks using foreign capital in their activities.